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2000 IFBB World Amateur Championships (Women's)
October 14-15, 2000 in Warsaw, Poland

This was the 18th annual World Amateur Women's Bodybuilding contest. The organizers included Polish Federation President Pawel Filleborn, and Vice President Andrew Michalak.There were 32 country delegations represented. The competition was staged at the Torwor Auditorium, and the closing ceremonies at the Grand Hotel.

OverallConny JunkerGermany
1Conny JunkerGermany
2Sdenka RazymovaCzech
3Michela GrassettoItaly
4Ewa KrynskaPoland
5Angelika SchulzGermany
6Lisa AuklandUnited States
1Jana PurdjakovaSlovakia
2Marja KalvalaFinland
3Tulay OzbekTurkey
4Giuditta MagazzinoItaly
5Susanne NiedehauserAustria
6Kathie Cacnepa-SearsUnited States
1Natalia ProskouriakovaRussia
2Ewa LabutovaCzech
3(None) **
4Violetta SprusNorway
5Olga NovickUkraine
6Katja RydstromFinland
Team Championships

** In the case of the 3rd place Lightweight, if an athlete fails a drug test, then they are disqualified, and lose their medal and placing.

1999 IFBB World Amateur Championships (Women's)
Sydney, Australia

The president of the Australian Federation, Paul Graham, was also the promoter of this event. There were over 35 nations competiting in this event. Originally, the show was to be held in Perth, Australia, but that fell through, thus the event was held in Sydney. The event was held at the Sydney Superdome, where the 2000 Gymnastic Olympic Games will be held. Paul Graham also staged the World Amateur Championships in Brisbane, Australia back in 1984.

OverallEwa KrynskaPoland
1Ewa KrynskaPoland
2Lisa AuklandUSA
3Zdenka RazymovaCzech
4Deborah ComptonAustralia
5Annett WittigGermany
6Miriam eschlovaSlovakia
7Pauliina TalusFinland
8Monica SasRomania
9Gabriele MayerAustria
10Helle NielsenDenmark
1Susanne NiederhauserAustria
2Irina MunteanRomania
4Marja-Leena LehtonenFinland
5Claudia KlumaierAustria
6Tulay OzbekTurkey
7Jackie ParishEngland
8Klaudia LarssonSweden
9Lucie BergeronCanada
10Kyme BrandhoffAustralia
1Brigitte SchoriSwitzerland
2Natalia ProskouriakovaRussia
3Gerda FannesBelgium
4Antonina SabellaItaly
5Katherine IllingworthAustralia
6Vlasta KacafirkovaCzech
7Joanna KrupaPoland
8Pam KusarUSA
9Anna NordstromSweden
10Utaka MizumaJapan

Julia Stefanovitch from Russia was originally the Middleweight winner, but she was stripped of her gold model as she tested positive in a drug test. However, since only the top three athletes were given a drug test, third place was eventually left empty.

1998 IFBB World Amateur Championships (Women's)
October 24-25 at Alicante, Spain

There were over 100 athletes from 40 countries at this popular European tourist destination. The 16th staging of this event was held at the Centro de Technificacion de Alicante, before an excited Spanish audience of over 1,500. Spain was hosting the event for the second time (first was in 1991).

OverallSusana AlonsoSpain
Heavyweights1Susana AlonsoSpain
2Zdenka RazymovaCzech
3Annett WittigGermany
4Pauliina TalusFinland
5Tatiana IonenkoUkraine
6Olympia KissGermany
7Linda LiedstrandSweden
8Maria KalvalaFinland
9Ewa ErikssonSweden
10Barbora KafkovaCzech
Middleweights1Tulay OzbekTurkey
2Julia StefanovitchRussia
3Cathy PilainFrance
4Susanne NiederhauserAustria
5Della ThomasBahamas
6Noelia CastalaSpain
7Margarita RodriquezSpain
8Ana Cristina PereiraPortugal
9Kristie KellyUSA
10Yumi HirotaJapan
Lightweights1Irina MunteanRomania
2Pavla BrantalovaCzech
3Pam KusarUSA
4Jackie ParishEngland
5Katja RidstromFinland
6Galina ZagroudninaRussia
7Utako MizumaJapan
8Brigitte SchoriSwitzerland
9Svetlana JanonieneLuthuania
10Christina MerinoSpain

Tuley Ozbek has competed as Tulay Caner and Tulay Bappert before.

1997 IFBB World Amateur Championships (Women's)
October 18-19 at Bratislava, Slovakia

Bodybuilding really is important for nation building. Thrity four countries were represented by 57 bodybuilders, 45 fitness competitors and 11 mixed pairs this year, making it the largest contest to date in terms of participants. The venue was Bratislava's Sportshall Pasienky. This was the 15th staging of this event.

OverallValentina ChapigaUkraine
Heavyweights1Beate DrabingAustria
2Tatiana IonekoUkraine
3Ursula ShachGermany
Middleweights1Valentina ChapigaUkraine
2Helena DavidovaRussia
3Hana StepankovaSlovakia
Lightweights1Peggy SchoolcraftUSA
2Tulay OzbekTurkey
3Martina TomanovaSlovakia

1996 IFBB World Amateur Championships (Women's)
October 6-7 at Rimini, Italy

There were a record setting 82 women from 24 countries.

Heavyweights1Zdenka TvrdaCzech
2Marika BlankensteinGermany
3Sabine BrechtGermany
4Ewa ErickssonSweden
5Antonella CentanaroItaly
6Minna RyynamenFinland
7Ioulia StefanovitchRussia
8Ase SvendheimNorway
9Erika TaksonyiHungary
10Anne OksanenFinland
11Marika JohanssonSweden
12Kristie KellyUSA
13Cristina LavezziItaly
14Corletta WickhamBarbados
Middleweights1Inna UitEstonia
2Patricia DavidFrance
3Elena KurakovaMoldova
4Rita BelloArgentina
5Guzel VroomHolland
6Barbora KafkovaCzech
7Hana StepankovaSlovakia
8Rita RinnerSwitzerland
9Verena MeierSwitzerland
10Violet KeiterGermany
11Lea JuvonenFinland
12Raissa MerchinaRussia
13Monica MartinsBrazil
14Gina Marie HallUSA
15Danza MarquesBrazil
Lightweights1Irina PetrenkoUkraine
2Cathy PilainFrance
3Marina VariItaly
4Donna KaylorUSA
5Christine NoelFrance
6Brigitte SchoriSwitzerland
7Zelika TepesCroatia
8Federica SegantiniItaly
9Gabriella Di TursiItaly
10Luciana CardosaBrazil
11Mizuma UtakoJapan
12Aylin AkbaiTurkey
13Shawn FarleyBarbados
14Jan JohnsonBahamas
Team Posing TrophyUSA

1995 IFBB World Amateur Championships (Women's)
November 18 at Brugge, Belgium

There were a record setting 67 women for the most heavily attended event of its kind ever. A change in 1995 was that the weight class winners no longer automatically qualified for the Ms. Olympia. An additional posedown of the three division champions was staged, with only the winner earning an invitation to the Ms. O. The remaining class champs would earn pro status.

Heavyweights1Marjo KrishiFinalnd
2Elizabeth SchwarzGermany
3Beate DrabingAustria
4Zdenka TvrdaCzech Republic
5Elena KurakovaMoldavia
6Tatiana IonenkoUkraine
7Zdenka RazymovaCzech Rep
8Marion DietrichGermany
9Christina MusumeciArgentina
10Linda Wood-HoyleUSA
11Erika TaksonyiHungary
12Tanja BrinkDenmark
13Sandra KeuschnigAustria
14Nadia KararAlgeria
15Helene WichersSweden
Middleweights1Beatrix GluckGermany
2Patricia DavidFrance
3Renita HarrisUnited States
4Guzel AkgulHolland
5Eija VeisalainenFinland
6Paola NobileItaly
7Berit MadsenDenmark
8Valentina ChipegaUkraine
9Cecile MestrezBellgium
10Paola DiPintoItaly
11Barbora KafkaovaCzech Rep
12Lisbeth WikstromSweden
13Anna BalkoHungary
14Claudia SchatzmanSwitzerland
15Betty TessutoBrazil
Lightweights1Jolo SinclairSingapore
2Tulay OzbekTurkey
3Irena PetrenkoUkraine
4Cathy PilianFrance
5Ina LopulissaDenmark
6Patricia VeldmanDenmark
7Pam KusarUSA
8Angela CillioneItaly
9Marina VariItaly
10Katja MontejanoSwitzerland
11Verena MeierSwitzerland
12Zhang PingChina
13Marisa GarridoSpain
14Monica MartinsBrazil
15May Britt AasNorway
Overall Team TrophyGermany
Team Posing TrophyBelgium
Most Improved AthleteMarjo KrishiFinland

1994 IFBB World Amateur Championships (Women's)
November 6 at Borlange, Sweden

Heavyweights1Natalia MurnikovieneLithuania
2Elizabeth SchwarzGermany
3Beate DrabingAustria
Middleweights1Karin PetzGermany
2Patricia DavidFrance
3Tulay OzbekTurkey
Lightweights1Christine NoelFrance
2Cathy PilainFrance
3Marina VariItaly

1983 IFBB World Amateur Championships (Women's)
September 30, 1983 at London, England

1983 marked the first time this event was held. There were only two classes.

Middleweights1Inger ZetterqvistSweden
Lightweights1Erika MesHolland