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Capriese Murray

Capriese Murray Birth Place: Washington Heights, New York
Height: 5’6”
Competition Weight: 212lbs


It was a tough life for Capriese Murray as a child. Son to a single mother, he would lose her at the tender age of 9 years old. Never deterred, he excelled in sports as a child and was always a muscular well built kid; which went along way protecting him from others on the mean streets of Washington Heights. Along with his athletic endeavors, Capriese was also an accomplished break dancer but due to a serious knee injury this came to an end. Soon after he would find himself going to the gym; it wasn’t really a gym but it had everything a lifter needed in that dark basement at the bottom of a rundown apartment building. Capriese would later join Elmo’s Gym and thanks to the manager he was urged to compete; he was 15 at the time. He would do a handful of shows, but after a year he became frustrated with bodybuilding and his life became girls and parties. It would be 5 years before he would return. In 1997 Capriese waa back on track and entered the New York Metropolitan Championships where he took 1st in the Middleweight class. It would be 5 more years and several shows later before he earned his pro card, but he did just that in 2004 by taking 1st at Nationals in the Heavyweight class.

Competition History/Placement
1990: Eastern Championships - NPC, Teen Middleweight, 1st
1992: Teen Nationals - NPC, Lightweight, 1st
1993: Teen Nationals - NPC, Middleweight, 2nd
1997: New York Metro Championships - NPC, Middleweight, 1st
1998: Junior Nationals - NPC, Light-Heavyweight, 2nd
1999: USA Championships - NPC, Light-Heavyweight, 4th
2000: Nationals - NPC, Light-Heavyweight, 6th
2002: Nationals - NPC, Light-Heavyweight, 7th
2004: USA Championships - NPC, Heavyweight, 6th
2004: NPC NATIONAL Championships - NPC, Heavyweight, 1st
2005: IFBB NY Pro - 5th Mr. Olympia Qualification