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2009 New York Pro Female Bodybuilding Championships: The Canadian Goddess

The 2009 New York Pro has come and gone and the female competitors held up their end of the deal by giving their fans a wonderful display of muscle and femininity to boot. With the 2008 title going to Cathy LeFrancois, she was without a doubt eager to hold on to her title. But she would have a tough road ahead of her if it were to be a repeat victory with the likes of Rosemary Jennings, and Betty Pariso aiming to gun her down.

With a large field in front of the New York crowd, twenty four of the best the IFBB has to offer hit the stage, but in the end there could be only one overall winner. With her last competition Cathy LeFrancois did not finish as well as she would have liked at this years ASC but that only added fuel to her fire and it was this fuel that would once again get the job done!

3rd Place: Rosemary Jennings:
Rosemary as she does every time she hits the stage, brought a strong package with some of the biggest best legs and shoulders to boot. Standing 5’2”, Rosemary once again proved to be a force on stage with some of the thickest fullest muscles anyone has to offer. As good as she was it was just not to be for her to place higher; a little tighter overall and at her next show she could find herself a place or two higher.

2nd Place: Betty Pariso:
One thing is for certain, Betty keeps getting better with age. At 51 years of age she still demands attention on any stage and always gives her younger competitors a strong run for their money. She would not disappoint the New York crowd in any way. One thing about Betty, she doesn’t seem to have one body part that stands above the rest. Some might see this as a bad thing but it is far from that. She carries with her some of the best symmetry on any stage and in so many ways Betty still exemplifies the perfect female bodybuilder.

1st Place: Cathy LeFrancois:
Once again Cathy LeFrancois took home the title at the New York Pro and she did so in perfect fashion! Quite easily one of the sexiest female bodybuilders alive, she topped off her physique with some of the most fluid posing of the night. When it comes to Cathy, she has given fans of the sport many different looks, some worked out better than others but she hit the nail right on the head this year. She was not quite as hard as she has been before but the added fullness she brought to the stage matched her body very well if not perfectly. Still some of the best arms on any female bodybuilder in the IFBB, with her win her and the momentum she has created for herself with this win, Cathy will undoubtedly be a strong contender at this years Olympia come September in Vegas!

With these top three finishers, each one has earned the right to step on the Olympia stage and you can bet that show as was this one will be a tough fight. Those who did not yet qualify have their work cut out for them and competitors such as Dena Westerfield and Debbie Bramwell who both just missed the top three could easily find themselves in this mix.

A big congratulations goes out to all the competitors and even more so to this years New York Pro Champion Cathy LeFrancois!

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