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2009 New York Pro Bodybuilding Championships

The hype around this years New York Pro lived up to all it promised to be. With Rookie sensation Evan Centopani making his pro debut and the return of crowd favorite Marcus Ruhl to the stage, this years show was jammed pack full of excitement!

Nineteen of the IFBB’s best took the stage this Saturday to vie for the title and with names such as Dennis James and Silvio Samuel making an appearance; it was anyone’s guess to as who would come out on top.

At the end of prejudging the top competitors were narrowed down with the first callout going to Evan Centopani, Dennis James, Marcus Ruhl, Silvio Samuel and Hidetada Yamagishi there was no doubt who our top five would be. In fact they would finish in the exact manner in which their competitor numbers fell; 3, 8, 14, 15 & 21; how often does that happen? Coincidence or providence? You decide. 

5th Hidetada Yamagishi:
Hide came in as strong as he ever has displaying one of the tightest most proportional physiques on stage and in the IFBB for that matter. His back detail was fantastic, if not perfect. As well as Hide flowed from top to bottom, a touch more width in the back and he may easily find himself in first place his next go around.

4th Silvio Samuel:
Silvio is typically one of the hardest most striated bodybuilders on any stage. To top that off his chest has always been nothing but pure grain. At this years NY Pro he seemed a tad bit smoother than we’re used to seeing him, but don’t let that fool you, he was still one of the best and it earned him a top five finish today.

3rd Marcus Ruhl:
Absolutely Huge! That has always been the best way to describe Marcus and he lived up to it today in every way. The freak of all freaks brought to the NY stage the biggest baddest arms and shoulders of any competitor and was without question the thickest man in town; probably in any town. His lats were enormous, protruding in almost imposable fashion and it would be hard to argue that this wasn’t the best conditioning he has brought in many years. In fact, it may have easily been one of the strongest physiques he’s ever displayed. Many had him in the winner’s circle tonight but it wasn’t to be. Several in the crowd made sure their disappointment was heard loud and clear and Marcus would leave with a third place finish as well as knowing that he still has it and is to this day one of the fan favorites. 

2nd Dennis James:
Huge chest, ridiculously huge and probably one of the best side tricep poses in bodybuilding. We’ve seen Dennis dryer before than he was today but what he lacked in dryness he made up for everywhere else. Thick and tight as he always is, he earned a job well done.

1st Evan Centopani:
With the NY Pro being his pro debut that would be enough for most bodybuilders to peak their excitement; and there is no question whatsoever that this is exactly how he felt. Top this with an overall win and it’s safe to say Evan is floating on cloud nine! His conditioning was spot on in every way and he has without question brought up lagging body parts and simply added a ton of quality size. With his qualification for this years Olympia, as big as this win was, Evan will still need to add some work to his back and bring his legs up in size to continue to flourish. However, he is well on his way and he has time on his side. If you’re a betting man, betting on Evan to succeed in this tough sport would be one of the safest bets you can make

Men’s 202:
English 101

The men’s 202 class proved to be just as exciting and created just as much of a controversial reaction by the NY crowd. Kevin English would take the top spot, as well as one of three qualifications for the 202 Olympia earned this night but he by no means had an easy run of it. 

3rd David Henry: When you look at Dave it’s hard to believe he meets the 202 mark; his thickness just makes it appear imposable! His arms were insane and his back width ridiculous and only out done by one of the most shredded backs on stage. His hams could have been a little tighter but beyond that it’s hard to imagine him coming in any better. That’s what the crowd thought too and when he was called out as the 3rd place finisher it angered a lot of people who believed he deserved number one.

2nd Mark Dugdale:
Mark was on point as he is in every show he does. His shoulders seemed better than ever and he had the tightest glutes of any one on stage today; no one else was even close. There really isn’t much else you can say; Mark looked perfect and at many shows he probably would have finished number one. 

1st Kevin English:
This guy makes 202 look like 252! If Dave Henry’s back was ridiculous then Kevin’s was beyond insane! Kevin brought everything he could and it paid off just like it’s supposed to. One thing that Kevin had that others did not display as well, was simply more muscle control. Each competitor up there has to display this and as IFBB pro’s they all do, but on this day Kevin did it better. If you’ve ever been to a bodybuilding show and if the competition is stiff and tight, the ability to pose and make yourself look even better through posing, this can be the key and that’s exactly what Kevin did. Kevin mastered the art of posing today and earned the number one spot!

With the show said and done there were as always many disappointments and many high expectations met; this is bodybuilding and every show gives us some of both. But as with every NY Pro this one was again one of the best and if you’re a fan you need to get your tail in the seats next year!

Final Standing:

1 Evan Centopani
2 Dennis James
3 Markus Ruhl
4 Silvio Samuel
5 Hidetada Yamagishi
6 Tarek Elsetouhi
7 Darrem Charles
8 Eugene Mishin
9 Sergey Shelstov
10 Ben White
11 Michael Kefalianos
12 Francisco ‘Paco’ Bautista
13 Ed Van Amsterdam
14 Leo Ingram
15 Francisco Javier Mula
16 Oliver Adzievski
17 Aiman Daour
17 Jari Mentula
17 Denis Sergovskiy


1 Kevin English
2 Mark Dugdale
3 David Henry
4 Eduardo Correa
5 Jason Arntz
6 Fakhri Mubarak
7 Vinny Galanti
8 Jose Raymond
9 Vincent Liu
10 Gilles Bellehumeur

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