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2009 Emerald Cup

One of the biggest amateur shows in the country and perhaps the most well run, the Emerald Cup lived up to everything it’s suppose to this year as it does each and every time! With a huge base of competitors in every category, placing in the top 5 is a job in of itself, much less winning an overall title. Simply standing on this stage takes a lot of guts and for that all of the competitors deserve a fair amount of praise.

The two day event began with Fitness & Figure and brought forth some of the best female physiques across the country. With an overall fitness champ from Alaska and an overall figure champ from Louisiana, the Emerald stage brought a host of tight bodies from across the country. 



Carole Castillo: Carole came to Seattle with one of the most excellent routines of the weekend; she displayed perfect rhythm and extremely strong muscle control to compliment her sexy physique. A touch bit tighter in the back of the legs and she may have found herself in the overall spot. Either way, a fantastic job by a great competitor!


Cinzia Clapp: Easily the leanest tightest physique on stage and without question one of the best mid-sections around the Italian born Cinzia showcased perfection with her title win. Her routine was not as flashy as the eventual short class winner’s but she displayed some fantastic flexibility and a flawless physique and earned a well deserved overall title. 

*Overall Champ:

Cinzia Clapp

Figure Masters:

*Over 35

Shelia Salinas: Shelia posses a perfect figure physique, perfect abs and one of the best backs from top to bottom on stage. Shelia could have easily won many shows in the open class category and should consider that in the future as such a gorgeous woman. 

*Over 40

Dianna Brock:
Dianna hardly looked a day over 30 and possessed some of the most spectacular muscle development on stage. With a pair of the sexiest legs in the North West this night, it’s no surprise she won her class!

*Over 50

Susan Ershier: There have been open class winners all across the country who couldn’t touch this woman! She displayed everything a figure competitor is supposed to with a perfect display of hardness to softness just like the judges prefer. A very tight and complete physique from the sweetest face on stage tonight.

*Overall Champ

Shelia Salinas


*Class A

Kiana Phi-Lewis: Just as every competitor is after on the figure stage, Kiana portrayed the perfect softness to hardness ratio. With a pair of very sexy lean arms, awesome glutes and perfect legs, she did a great job in a tough field.

*Class B

Katrika Danielsonn: Katrinka flowed flawlessly tonight with a fabulous stomach and close to pro conditioning as you can get. With a gorgeous face to boot, she could find herself doing very well in the near future. 

*Class C

Michele Bigler:
With a torso like a statue, Michele stood on stage with a pair of the strongest looking legs of the night! To compliment the rest of her physique, she carried a fantastic set of arms that adorned a beautiful woman. 

*Class D

Courtney Bynog: Long and lean from top to bottom, that’s probably the best way to describe this future star. Competing in only her second figure show, it’s hard to imagine Courtney not going on even further. She will be making her national debut very soon and if she can bring the same package to the stage once again, with slightly tighter glutes, she will be a strong force on stage.

*Class E

Andrea Rosenbaum: Extra lean and tight all over, Andrea carried some sexy lean muscle just like you like! Her glute and quad tie-ins were perfect, and it’s no surprise she did so well with perhaps the best back side on stage today. Look for more from the solid competitor.

*Class F

Ginny Gardea:
A crowd favorite, this blonde bombshell brought to the stage one of the most even and proportional physiques to the North West! Perfect in almost every way, just hard enough, leaving the perfect amount of softness to still compete as a top figure athlete, Ginny did quite well for herself on this day.

*Class G

Hannah Ringholm:
With a pair of the best shoulder and arms on stage tonight in any class, Hannah represented everything a figure competitor is supposed to be. With a fantastic back and a physique that flowed almost flawlessly; just a few minor adjustments and this extremely pretty face and smile may indeed find herself on yet an even bigger stage.

*Overall Champ:

Courtney Bynog

A big congratulations goes out to all of the athletes and if you find yourself in the Seattle area next year, go ahead and mark this event on your calendar; if you’re a figure or fitness fan, missing it would be a mistake. Bringing not only the top athletes to the stage, the Emerald Cup is also host to great expo, with many of the top supplement and clothing vendors around. But it’s the women on stage on Friday night that make the trip worthwhile! 


One day after a great showing by some of the top fitness and figure competitors, it was now time for the bodybuilders to hit the stage at this years Emerald Cup. As was the previous day, the show went as perfect as can be, and there are not enough good things that can be said about Brad Craig and his team when it comes to organizing and putting together a great bodybuilding and fitness weekend!

With a host of competitors from 18 all the way to 80 years old, it was an enormous field, filled with enormous muscle from some of the best competitors around. Each class, both male and female brought some outstanding physiques to the stage, amazing conditioning and in a few cases we would even be witness to future pro like physiques.

*Men’s Open


Matt Jensen: When you first look at Matt, it’s hard to believe this guy is in the bantamweight class; he simply looks huge! The package he brought to the Emerald stage was on point in almost every way. With a thick chest and perfectly rounded shoulders, this bantamweight stood as a heavyweight today.

Andry Israel: Tight! It is the absolute best way to describe Andry. With one of the tightest, thinnest waist on stage, it gave him an amazing V-taper look that every bodybuilder is after. With high traps nearly to his ears, some of the tightest glutes on stage and a fantastic detailed back, Andry took his class with relative ease.

Andy Rasmussen: In one of the closer weight classes of the day, Andy just edged out his competitors in a very tight field. Without a doubt his solid champion like posing definitely gave him an added edge; anyone who thinks quality posing doesn’t count needs to look again. With a pair of the best wheels of the day, Andy took them right into a fantastic waist to shoulder ratio and led himself into the winners circle.


Randy Edwards: This guy, now this guy was something else! Bad ass in every way, perfect proportions, enormous legs that were peeled to the bone and without a shadow of doubt the most detailed and grainiest back on stage today. To top off his amazing back detail, this guy had the width to go along with it. Easily the driest man on stage, and one of the most complete bodybuilders around, look for Randy to take his physique even further up the ladder.


Roger Baker: Thick as hell, EVERYWHERE! Huge pecs and thick protruding lats like no other, it’s no surprise Roger stood so tall today. As were so many on this stage, Randy brought new meaning to the words “tight physique” but unlike many of his counterparts he took it even further and it paid off. It’s no surprise that he would eventually capture the overall title, and it will be no surprise if we see Roger on an even bigger stage soon to come.


Jason Eggleston: Jason was huge where it counts and that’s what matters most. A perfect tiny waist and simply an awesome physique, this super heavy lived up to his weight class in every way. A little harder and a little dryer and he may have edged out that number one overall spot.

Overall Champion:
Roger Baker

*Women’s Open

Anne Kam: Cute as can be, this short little package brought home the bacon in every way! With some MAJOR conditioning and one of the best midsections around, Anne’s tight package was unbeatable and it showed as she ran over her competition.

Laurie Smith: With a pair of the best shoulders around as well as some outstanding powerful hamstrings, Laurie’s thick tight physique nailed it today! She no doubt represents everything a female bodybuilder should be. A beautiful female bodybuilder in every way, look for more from this great competitor.

Heidi Hegg: Good muscle conditioning and a great pair of biceps took Heidi to the front of her class today. Couple that with a great back and she was tough to beat. A little tighter overall and this woman could be a force.

Overall Champion:
Laurie Smith

*Men’s Master

Over 70:
Walt Radke: Are you kidding me? I’ve seen guys 50 years younger who didn’t look half as good as Walt! An older competitor or not, Walt possessed some fantastic conditioning, fabulous hardness allover and simply a great physique.

Over 60:
Mike Clark: This man was an inspiration to all who saw him, this there is no question. Vascular as hell with a fantastic look overall, one thing is for sure ladies and gentlemen; muscle maturity pays off!

Over 50:
Bill Pliska: Bill stood on stage in fantastic form and looked better than half the men in the open class without a doubt; it would have been great to see him compared to some of his younger counterparts. Ripped to shreds with huge arms and tight legs, along with his pro like posing Bill was on point.

Over 40 Lightweight:

Andrew Saguid: If you could find a book that describes a proper bodybuilder, odds are Andrew’s picture would be in there somewhere. This guy possessed the look with lean short muscles, symmetrical as can be in every way with absolutely nailed conditioning.

Over 40 Heavyweight:
Twayne Rawls: There is no question, this guy should have been in the open class and hopefully he’ll consider that in the near future. Huge muscles, absolutely huge! Thick from head to toe with a pair of dinosaur looking legs, this was one bad ass physique. With some of the best traps and shoulders around he would be tough to beat in any class, a little tighter in the back and legs and there is no question that he could be there.

Masters Overall Champion:
Twayne Rawls

*Women’s Masters

Over 50:
Janet Guenther: Harder than a 20 year old with fabulous legs and a great smile, Janet took her “Cowboy” posing routine all the way to the top. Long tight and lean, perfect and that’s the name of the game.

Over 35:
Cindy Goodrich: Short and sweet and as tight as they come, Cindy looked amazing! Perfect abs and tight, tight, tight everything it is no surprise here with her placing. One of the best posers of the evening, male or female, Cindy nailed everything and should feel pretty good about what she’s done.

Overall Champion:
Cindy Goodrich

Tommy Gun: As there were inspiring competitors as far as the eye could see on stage, none could surpass the young Tommy Gun. A short time back Tommy was injured in a dirt bike accident that left the lower half of his body paralyzed. Most would be content to live a life of complete sorrow, but this man makes no excuses and still gets the job done. Easily some of the best arms from any competitor on stage today and to top that off yes this guy is in a wheelchair and he still managed to carry with him some great back width; there are guys all over who would kill to have it! No excuses here, simply a great competitor all around.

*Junior Class
Bryce Boschetti: A solid upper-body and some great conditioning, these were Bryce’s strong points tonight. This young competitor has a lot of time to grow into his physique, with some leg and back development to come; he will be an even better competitor and find himself hanging with the big boys.

That wraps up our coverage of the 2009 Emerald Cup and as you can see from the above, if you missed it, then you missed quite a lot.

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