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2009 Bev Francis Atlantic States: Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure

The 2009 Bev Francis Atlantic States has come and gone without a hitch; and as is with every show promoter Steve Weinberger puts on, it went as smooth as can be expected, bringing the New York bodybuilding fans an entertaining field from start to finish. With over 250 competitors everyone there was witness to one “beast” of a show and it only fit that three of the IFBB’s biggest beast of all would be there to give the crowd a glimpse of professional muscle. Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler and Dexter Jackson all hit the stage in the guest posing portion of the show; it’s not too often fans get to see three Olympia winners on the same stage at the same time; but over 800 pounds of muscle took center stage and gave this years Atlantic States just a little extra icing on the cake!

Men’s Bodybuilding:

Open Class

Bantam Weight:
Larry Davis: Sleek, lean, dry and in great shape; that’s really the best way to describe Larry. He did lack a little fullness but where he lacked in pump he made up for in conditioning. Great showing by this competitor!

Willis Francois: This short stub hub was displayed some of the best proportions of the day. He was a little smooth but displayed fantastic shoulders, a good back and some strong abs. He could have been a little dryer and if he can find that right mix he could find himself doing well again.

Jason Joseph: One of the better conditioned athletes of the day! Jason had an amazingly dry and huge striated chest complementing his thick full back. He brought some of the best arms to the stage with absolutely huge hanging tri’s. But if there is one thing that separated Jason from the rest of his class more than anything else it would no doubt be his fabulous quad separation and fantastic display of leg muscle.

Light Heavyweight:
Marco Rivera: Fabulous, absolutely fabulous quads! Thick as hell, one of the thickest on stage he was simply missing one key component to take the overall; he was simply too smooth in certain areas. As anyone who’s followed bodybuilding for any length of time, they will know that nailing this can be such a hit or miss opportunity, and he just barely missed it. A little dryer and tighter and Marco could have easily taken the overall.

Jon Dela Rosa: Jon had it all this Saturday; great legs, huge arms and simply a very solid and pleasing physique. He also brought one of the better backs to the stage, not too far off from national level caliber. His back was extremely thick but if he can find a way to add a touch more width to an already impressive back, this guy could be very good and give every competitor a strong run for his money.

Super Heavyweight:
Robert Burneika: As massive as almost any pro with his arms and legs; a Ruhl like physique; his Du Hast posing routine only further complemented this. From top to bottom this guy put on a great show, even his calves, a body part many fail to bring to the stage, were well on point. Robert’s conditioning was perfect, he only needs to bring up his chest a little fuller to match his arms and a little more thickness to an already wide, very wide back. One thing is for sure, if they gave an award for tightest hams and glutes on stage, there would be no one else other than Robert who could have won that award!

Overall Winner: Jon Dela Rosa

Women’s Bodybuilding:

Open Class

Maria Penteado: Maria put on a great show as she has done every single time she’s hit the stage. This long blond haired bodybuilding queen brought some of the tightest glutes to the stage of any competitor, man or woman and simply flowed very evenly from head to toe. Lean and tight and a very pleasing inspiring physique, Maria looked fantastic!

Charlene Maschette: Great conditioning, some of the best of the day, Charlene simply lacked size in needed areas to propel her to the overall spot.

Andrea Giacomi: One of the thickest female competitors of the day, Andrea had a pair of the best shoulders on stage, a great back and absolutely fantastic leg separation. She was a touch smoother than I’m sure she’d liked to be and if she can remedy this she will without question find herself in the overall spot next time.

Overall Winner: Maria Penteado

Men’s Masters:

Overall: Marco Rivera: As he displayed in the open class, Marco’s strong tapering physique would capture an overall win in the Men’s Masters portion of the show. His side tricep shot really set him apart along with his fantastic leg development that can only come with years of hard training.

Women’s Masters:

OverallWinner: Maria Roelle:  Without question, Maria was the thickest biggest female bodybuilder on stage today. Shoulders and arms that would make any bodybuilder jealous and leg size to boot. Maria competed in the open division as well and could have taken an overall title there if she had just found a way to come in tighter.

Men’s Novice:

Overall Winner: Guy Iaquinta: Perfect flow, perfect proportions and perfect conditioning; simply perfect! Guy had a pair of fabulous arms and was dry and ripped to the bone. Just an all around overall great physique; easily one of the best physiques on stage today in any class!

Teen Bodybuilding:

Overall Winner: Bikramjit Singh: Ripped! Absolutely ripped and shredded to the bone! Bikramjit had absolutely perfect conditioning, the kind that is typically reserved for veterans of the stage. This guy was extra dry and brought some great arms to the stage. His biggest downfall would have to be his legs, but you can tell this guy works hard and in time he will add the needed size to his bottom half. This guy has potential and that’s an understatement.

As was with the bodybuilding portion of the annual show, the figure & fitness athletes once again gave the crowd a wonderful show, full of exquisite female muscle and displays of athletic prowess that few can match. Both divisions gave the judges some tough calls to make; the fitness competition was very tough and the eventual winner could have gone to a number of girls, but it would be one who was only 16 years old that would grab the top spot. The figure divisions were quite large and in many ways the calls made here were some of the hardest of the day; for the spectator this is a good thing because it can only mean they are witness to a quality show.


Overall Winner: Ariel Khadv: Ariel had an absolutely perfect physique, there was nothing missing and quite honestly it would be very hard to legitimately critique this physique in any negative way; the only thing you could say is if this girl is 16 years old, time is only going to be her friend, as she continues to get better and better. Ariel had it all; from the most energetic fitness routine of the day, full of power and very entertaining, to the best abs on stage by any competitor that lined up perfectly; she can thank her genetics for that. It’s safe to say that you’ll be hearing this girls name and seeing her on for years to come!


Class A: Tiana Gonzalez: this brown haired beauty took her class with ease and followed up with an overall win with one very sleek pleasing physique. Everyone knows one of the toughest aspects of figure is making sure you have the right hard to soft ratios; a little too much in either direction can be the end to all your hard work, but Tiana did just fine. She was able to balance her physique with just enough softness to keep her feminine appeal, and match it with just the right amount of hardness all the way to her glutes leaving no room for any jiggle; that may sound funny but any competitor will tell you, this is an important thing. In the end it would pay off for Tiana and she took her physique and wonderful smile all the way to the top of the stage!

Class B: Careen Connelly: Careen had her work cut out for her pulling out a win with this class. But the Petite tight physique coupled with a sweet smile from this curly blond competitor did just that. Careen was on point but did lack a touch of leg size that may have kept her out of the overall spot. Just a little more legs and she’ll find herself there.

Class C: Deanna Rabosky: Perhaps the toughest figure class on stage in terms of the depth of quality physiques, Deanna probably deserves an extra medal for winning this class as hard as it was. One thing she possessed that many do not was her muscles were full in the perfect way for a figure competitor. Anyone who knows figure competitions knows that filling out too much can be disastrous but Deanna found the perfect mix. Coupled with the best legs of any figure girl on stage, in fact they were fabulously perfect, she earned her first place win.

Overall Winner: Tiana Gonzalez:

Masters Figure Overall: Lori Anne Siriani: Lori was excellently conditioned, with top notch shoulders and legs to boot, especially in the quads, she took her class with relative ease. One of her best qualities though had to be her midsection, it was the best of the best and that is something that does not come without a great amount of hard work!

A big congratulations goes out to all the competitors who did a fantastic job at this years Atlantic States. Each class in each division was full of top shelf competitors and that makes a win here even more special. Furthermore, for these competitors who are obviously in many ways fans of the sport themselves, having top IFBB fitness pro Tracy Greenwood call out their names had to make the experience even more special. Tracy did a great job as MC of this show and gave the show an even more flair with her fantastic job!

With a host of so many competitors in several divisions, the judges of the Atlantic States had their work cut out for them, and that’s an understatement. Some of the decisions were met by crowd approval, others weren’t but there is no doubt the judges awarded quality physiques in the right place every single time.

If you missed the show and find yourself in the New York area this time next year, you’d be hard pressed to find anything better to attend if you are in fact a bodybuilding fan. See you next year!

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