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Thread: Tbombz secret diary

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    Tbombz secret diary

    Dear diary,

    LOL !!!

    jk guys and gals

    im not THAT homo.

    Okay well today i trained Chest.

    i started with Incline Press.
    135 warm up set
    185 2 warm up sets
    235 3 sets to failure. (6-5-4 reps)

    Decline Press was next.
    135 warm up set.
    225 2 warm up sets.
    275 2 sets to failure. (8-6 reps)
    225 pump set.. (maybe 12 reps..i didnt count)

    Flat Bench.
    135 warm up set.
    225 4 sets to failure. i think reps were about 15 first set, then moved down to about 8 by the last set. i do these to my collar bone, really hits the "shelf" on the top of the chest that way.

    Cable Crossovers.
    4 sets to failure...(pump set type of failure... about 15 reps per set... enough weight to reach failure at about that many reps..)

    As for what ive eaten.

    bowl of granola + whey.

    bowl of granola + whey.

    pre workout shake (skim milk + whey)

    bowl of granola + whey. also a few macadamian nuts.

    whey + skim milk.

    one bag of beef jerkey and a water.

    bowl of fat free sorbet + whey.

    bowl of fat free sorbet + whey + one rice crispy treat.

    right now its 11:18 and its been two hours since i ate. i need some meat in me, so im going to microwave some buffaloe style chicken tenders.

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    Leg day !

    started out with calves

    did a couple light sets on standing calf raises.. then did a few heavy sets to failure

    did a couple light sets on seated calf raises...then did a few heavy sets t failure

    moved onto quads

    few light sets of single leg leg exntesions..then did about 6 or 7 heavy sets t failure

    moved onto unilateral leg press.. few light sets .. few heavy sets to failure...

    moved onto two leg leg extensions.. few light sets.. 6 or 7 heavy sets to failure.. last set was a drop set down to no weight at all.. burned like such a mother fucking bitch..

    moved onto hamstrings..

    started with seated hamsrting curls.. did a few light pump sets to failure...increases the weight did a few heavyER sets to failure.. moved over to unilateral lying leg curls... did 7 or 8 light weight pump sets to failure...



    as for what ive eaten.. pre workout shake was 3 cups skim milk mixed with 3 scoops whey isolate (extra leucine).... same shake post workout... then my last meal was a bunch of frech fries and chicken tenders.. gonna eat again soon im thinking about a could double bacon western cheeseburegers and driving over to DQ for a heath bar blizzard....

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