Ok...I'm trying to set my week to space out like kind areas such as doing chest with tri's but NOT do shoulders the next day because the were just worked within chest w/o.

Another issue is bi's. I believe bi's should be hit on lower back day.......? Bi's are used a bit in many exercises. I use wrist wraps as to use less bi's thru grip in some exercises like back. ???

Should I place days of rest on say wed n sun or sat/sun.

Note: I am looking for solid growth and strength my diet is awsome.

An awesome schedule layout would be great.

Lastly, It would benefit my days if I can workout at 6am. The problem I see is the body is empty. I would think that a late afternoon workout after a day of consuming must be more beneficial for the nutrients etc.


I GREATLY appreciate your help as I want to grow properly and work hard at what I do.