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Thread: Rocky Top Chicken like Longhorns

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    Rocky Top Chicken like Longhorns

    Grilled Chicken, Low Sugar BBQ Sauce, Scallions, Onions, Fat Free Cheddar Cheese the shredded kind

    I grill the chicken then add all the topping then microwave it for about 45 seconds to get the cheese to melt.

    Not so bad and can be tasty

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    im going to try this some time this weekend so i'll let you know what i think. it sounds like it would be really good

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    It's Still Chicken But it's Good for Chicken

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    exactly. anything that can spice up a chicken breast and give it a different taste is A ok in my mind. thanks for the recipe bro

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    I still Hat Chicken no matter how i dress it up. LOl

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    once you eat it twice a day, everyday for a few years you will definatly get sick of it. personally i wish i could just live off MRE's and protein shakes

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    moist chicken breast

    Try this, use boneless chicken breast, ( take off the skin ), dip them in 2% or low fat milk, roll in your favorite bread crumbs. bake till done. they stay moist and taste great even after refrigeration. enjoy!

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