Hello, My name is Thomas. I am new to body building. I guess I'm not looking to be a competative body builder, as much as I am trying to get back into competative wrestling condition. I figured that the tools required to become a body builder are similar to what it takes to become a stronger, faster wrestler. I want to burn fat, increase my muscle and become stronger.

I am an assistant wrestling coach at the local High School. I still have the desire to compete as a wrestler. There are plenty of open wrestling tournaments I can compete in. The main thing I am lacking is the physical strength and conditioning needed to compete effectively at the ripe old age of 38. I figure if I can compete with kids half my age, I can compete with anybody.

The first thing I need to do is burn fat. I am 5' 1" and currently weigh 198 pounds. I started off weighing 257 four months ago. The diet I am on has helped me lose weight, but it has come at the cost of a loss of alot of muscle. I am looking for a diet that will help me burn fat, without eating up precious muscle. I know that muscle burns fat, so if I can build muscle, it will not only replace the muscle I have lost while dieting, but it will help burn fat.

I am also looking for some good protien supplements. There are so many protien supplements out there. The choices are mind blowing. I hope some people would have some suggestions.

I could really use some help. If anybody has some suggestions, I am open, and willing to try anything.

Thank you.