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  1. Thanks!! :)
  2. you traitor!!! lol. you must be pretty strong. well goodluck with all the comps.
  3. If I could only compete in one, I would have to choose powerlifting. I got into this because I love to train, and the challenge in the gym is what I enjoy...not the challenge at the dinner table! Good thing I dont' have to choose yet because I enjoy both! :)
  4. wow powerlifting & bodybuilding.. definately a busy year. if you could only compete in one. which will it be?
  5. I'm training for a powerlifting meet May 30 and another one in July, and then I guess I'll start getting myself ready for NPC Nationals in November. Busy year! Nice to have you around here. :)
  6. thanks for the warm welcome. Whats your plans for 2009. anything coming up?
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