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Thread: Best memory

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    Best memory

    what do you recall as your best memory during training... personal bests... funny happenings... etc....

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    When I first started lifting I had no spotter while benching, though I could do another rep but failed. Had to roll down the bar all the way down my body.

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    ^^^ I have done that as well.....lolol

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    Best memory of my LIFE was my very first Natural competition at age 33 and having my father who never understood why I was doing all this sitting in the front row watching my posing routine for the first time.

    I won First Place Novice and Best Poser, AND 5th Place in the men's open division

    That has to be the proudest moment of my life having him there to see that !!!

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    Simple, first time I started seeing veins on my legs after training. Might sound funny but I always wanted nice build legs. I pushed and pushed till one day another guy walked past me and gave me a compliment on their development after my workout. Damn, talk about being…

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    someone asked me how far I was going to go with my training. I said I didn't want to get to big, they said too late.....oooohhhh yyyeeeaaahhh. Now I want to get way big!!

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    Training at metroflex.....there is absolutely nothing like it on this planet

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    My best memory was when i first benched 150kg, thought i would never get there.
    My worst memory was when i was squatting and ripped my shorts almost in half and i wasnt wearing any underwear. My bits were all hanging free...

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    Worst memory, that's a tough one, but anytime I ever injured myself always sucked...this happened more when I was younger and dumber.

    Twisted a vertebra when I was 23 doing deads, that sucked.

    Best memory, I honestly don't know if I have one that really stands out. I have been fairly excited in the past about reaching personal best on certain lifts.

    Absolute best memories, that's easy...seeing my clients have success, especially the ones who really push at it and give it all they have, and even more so when they came from weak and end up strong and in top shape...that's satisfaction to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by g0dsend View Post
    When I first started lifting I had no spotter while benching, though I could do another rep but failed. Had to roll down the bar all the way down my body.
    i did something like this when i was 19 trying to show off for a girl at the gym. she made a commont about not being able to belive how much i can lift so of course i had to go heavier knowing she was watching. anyway i was struggling getting it up when my left arm got really weak and i tilted. the weights slid off on the left side then the bar flew to the right and all the weights fell off that side. i felt like a freaking idiot for the next month at the gym

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