Dear Forum,

I wanted to get your input to see if it is better to do cardio in the morning or better to weightlifting in the morning or does not really matter as long as you do it right?

I am 31 years old, and have been working out for months at a gym that is in my office building. I have been doing weightlifting in the morning 4x a week and cardio during lunch 4x a week. Since I am strapped for time, I have to break up my routine and can not do them together. I have put some mass on my body and am happy with the results. Prior to working out in the morning, I do have a light breakfast 30-45 mins prior to ensure a beneficially workout.

However, I was thinking about switching it up to perform Cardio in the morning and Lifting at lunch since I have been reading that I can have a more effective workout later in the day rather than in the morning. I also read that cardio in the morning should never be performed on an empty stomach and can help you lower your body fat%, which I am looking to do now.

Therefore, in order not be confused, I wanted to ask if there is a difference with either routine. Or does the routine need to match what your goals are? For example, if you want to cut, cardio in the morning, lifting in the afternoon..if you want to gain, lifting in the morning, cardio in afternoon..

Any thoughts?