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Thread: Supplement help

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    Supplement help


    I am new to the site. Hope I can learn alot from here. My question has to do with pre and post workout supplements. I'm 47 and I have been lifting weights for about a year now. My goal is to lose body fat, tone up and add some muscle size. I am not looking for a Mr. Olympia body. I lift 3 times per week and do cardio about 2 to 3 times a week, with plans on increasing this to 4 or 5 days/week.

    Pre workout I use Labada NO extreme, Purple Wraath during my workouts and then use VoluGro post workout, along with 4 grams of BCAA's. I down a protein shake about an hour before I work out. I usually workout around 5:15pm after work. I use the VoluGro immediately after working out then supper is about 45 minutes to an hour after that.

    Could anyone make any suggestions as to any changes to make or any suggestions to help reach my goal?


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    Hey Matrix,

    I havn't been around here in a while and saw you had no replies so i'll give it my best shot

    I would look into carb cycling. You can find information about it all over the internet...... It's just a way of dieting to make consistant progress.

    Regarding suppliments...... I use a Nitric oxide suppliment preworkout and have a carb/protein shake post workout.

    Set some goals for yourself...... don't go CRAZY on the cardio right off the bat. Look into the carb cycling, keep doing cardio 3-4 times a week. (preferably on an empty stomach..... I.E. When you wake up) If progress slows a little..... maybe ramp up the intensity of the cardio sessions.

    Best of luck!

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    Can you go in more detail of what your diet looks like, time of meals and what not?
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    Supplement help

    Muscle Milk is good for someone your age. But you could try Wheybolic 60, or a Creatine product.
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    Supplement help

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