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Thread: exertion headaches

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    exertion headaches

    i have been getting a shooting pain up the back of my head when i do heavy legs and its really anoying. has anyone ever heard of this or had it happened to them? any ideas on how to do away with this? today was the 4th or 5th time in the last 3 weeks this has happened

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    My girlfriend is having the same problem with her powerlifting training. She breaks blood vessels in her forehead and got a really bad headache last week after training.

    I'm not sure what it is and I am not sure if it's something to be concerned about, but I don't think that it's terribly uncommon. I would consult a doctor if the headaches persist though.

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    CC, I have had these same types of pains. To be honest, when that particluar pain comes, I am DONE with the heavy sets! I always get FREAKED out thinking I may have an busted blood vessel in my head and thats not any fun! haha

    Anyone have any more info on this?


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    i know exactly what you mean but im not certain what the actual cause is. i was getting them a few years ago when i was powerlifting and they added to the reason why i stopped. i never lift anything that is to heavy for me to get 4 or 5 reps from anymore and the headaches subsided

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    ive been getting this when i do flat bench, i been going super heavy too so i see thats when everyone else is getting them

    kinda scary though, i know when people get strokes they dont even see it comming, just out of the blue ... i have no idea what this is either, hope nothing seirous

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