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Thread: Keto diet?

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    Exclamation Keto diet?

    Ok i might be starting the keto diet tomorow. I just have a few questions. But first this is what would be my diet.

    bf- 4 whole eggs with whey shake
    snack-2 beef jerkey sticks
    lunch-chicken salad and something else
    dinner-veggies, chicken breast/meat (how much would be ideal?)

    ok i am 5'7 170lbs
    im guessing 15% bf

    i would like to maintain 170lbs at 10% or less
    how many calories would be ideal?

    any calculations on a sample diet?
    when on the keto i will be walking low intesity on treadmill/bike for 30+ mins
    I workout for 5 days a week.
    My current diet has a very high calories deficit and i am losing muscle to quickly.

    So any answers would be appreciated!

    edit: also can i run the ec stack with keto?

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    My first question is where are your Fats when on a keto diet you need to make sure your getting your EFA's and the beef jerky is high in sodium which could make you hold a lot of water. also you male or female it makes a little difference
    I would drop the whey shake at breakfast too

    MEAL #1
    2 whole (OMEGA-3) Eggs with 3 egg whites

    MEAL #2
    35g Whey protein Isolate with 1 tablespoon macadamia nut oil

    MEAL #3
    6oz chicken with 1/4-cup (1oz) cashew nuts + 1 can diet coke

    thats an example of some meals what are you taking for a fiber supplement while on keto you need a fiber supp.

    and if you in a high calorie def your going to jack your metabolism. you need to find out your RMR and adjust your calories to that. don't forget your once a week cheat meal. to reset your metabo.
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    i've never done the ec stack, but i read about it here

    and they do mention this about low carbing and ec stacking

    Especially if you are low carbing, watch that your potassium intake is at least 2000 mg per day. Low potassium combined with EC can put you at risk for heart palpitations. In reality, you should be getting a 2:1 potassium:sodium ratio. So around 3000-4000 mg of potassium and 1500-2000 mg sodium. Potassium is in a TON of foods. Do not try to supplement it with pills or powders. This can be dangerous too.

    If you want to know how much potassium is in your diet, input your diet into NutritionData

    Avocado's are rich in potassium and a good choice if you are low carbing.

    Also, monitor your blood pressure. If your blood pressure goes outside the normal range, STOP the ec stack. And do not take it if you have borderline high blood pressure.

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