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Thread: Simple and Complex carbs

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    Simple and Complex carbs

    I am one of the people who feels that diet is one of the most important strategies as far as your growth goes. Keeping that in mind.
    Which Carbs do we eat and when.

    Lets say goal is lean weight gain, hard but possible.

    what are some carbs we should be eating before and post workouts, what types?

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    Oats rice, sweet potatoes, green veggies are all good carb sources during the day but not post workout
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    Typically if you're going to eat any high GI carbs you want to save those for immediately following training. The bulk of your pre-training carbs should be low on the GI scale (there are exceptions.)

    Stay away from complex carbs post workout, they are useless at this stage but should be the main carb source the rest of the day before and after.

    Waxy Maize, probably the absolute best post workout carb source you can use.

    Check the article section on the site...lots of good articles covering this topic.

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