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Thread: How to post your diet

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    How to post your diet

    If you're new to dieting or a seasoned vet and you just want some feedback on your current cutting or bulking diet this thread may help.

    First of all when posting a diet make sure to include your age, weight, height, body-fat percentage, and what you want to accomplish with your enclosed diet.

    Include the following for a complete and accurate critique:

    All the macros of each meal as well as a daily total.
    The times each meal is taken.
    Where your workout and/or cardio fit in during the day

    So a generic example for one meal would look something like this:

    Meal 1 - 7:00am

    1 Cup Oats with Splenda and cinnamon
    5 egg whites
    2 whole eggs

    (Carbs: __ Protein: __ Fat: __ Calories: __)

    Continue with all meals and post the grand total at the bottom.

    Here are some good choices for your intakes of carbs, protein and fats.

    Carbs - Sweet potatoes, red potatoes, oats (No sugar added), brown rice, wild rice, barley, Steel cut oats, aktivated barley, Green leafy vegetables, Ezekiel bread, Whole wheat bread (sparingly)

    Protein - About 1.5 times your lean body weight per day in grams of protein.

    Sources -
    Steak, lean ground beef, chicken breast, tuna, salmon or other fish, egg whites or whole eggs, beef jerkey (if you don't mind the sodium) and whey protein (I have one shake after working out, try to stick with real food as much as you can). Casein (Fat free cottage cheese is a good choice before bed) Any lean wild game (Venison, bison, elk etc.)

    Fats -
    Flax, Fish or olive oil, casein or dairy products, avacadoes, nuts, egg yolks , all natural peanut butter.

    These are some of the better food sources to use in a healthy cutting or bulking diet, yes there are plenty more out there but all of my diets have contained these foods and very little else.

    Many people underestimate the importance in eating a consistent and proper diet and how it can make or break you as far as accomplishing your goals.
    Hope this helps point you in the right direction to get started, and I wish you the best of luck.

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