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    Thought I would contribute since I just competed in June and did quite well.

    1.) Do not carb deplete and load- Too many guys/girls mistime this and ruin the weeks of prep it took to get in contest shape. Save the carb load for the endurance crew!!

    2.) Do not drop water too soon- Muscle is 70% water so never understood "drying" out days before a comp. More than likely, that is fat and not water they need to lose. Then they go flat and "Look great the next day"

    3.) Be in shape 2 weeks before the show. If you are, there will be less chance of screwing up the final touches.

    4.) PRACTICE!!! So many competitors feel they do not need to practice posing. Especially without a mirror. I like to have a watch on the mirror and hold quater turns for one minute and each pose for about 30 seconds. Close your eyes, pose, open eyes and see if you are holding the pose right. Feel what it is like, there will be no mirror on stage.

    Hope that helps kids!

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    Good stuff BusyB.

    Do you not do anything with your carb intake the last wk? is your diet the same right up to the show?

    On the posing, you're right, anyone who has been to show has always seen awful posing technique by more then just a few of the BB's on stage. It's usually either real jerky and unstable, or just plain weird, lol!

    Speaking of posing, we should have some interesting stuff on the website when we launch that will be helpful to everyone who wishes to be a better poser.

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    Actually, yeah I did increase startchy carbs gradually. If you dieted correctly and in shape 2 weeks prior to show, you should be plenty depleted!

    Wednesday: Water 2 gal., carbs- extra 30g. per meal*
    Thursday: Water 2 gal., carbs- extra 40g. per meal
    Friday: Water 2 gal. (Stopped at 8pm- prejudge was 10am Sat), carbs- extra 50 g. per meal
    Saturday: Had 2 meals before prejudge with the second meal 2 hrs prior to hitting the stage. From 10am until I went on, 1 tbsn of PB every 30 min.
    *all was from Rice and Oats

    I did drop my protein a couple oz. per meal those days when I raised the carbs but will not do that next time, could have been a touch fuller. Other than that, diet was pretty much the same eating the same foods, nothing crazy!

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    This is a great thread! My plan is to step on stage sometime next year and this is the part that baffles me the to manipulate carbs/water the days leading up to the comp...

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    Anything I can do to help So Cal, just holla'

    Best advice for first show or any for that matter, keep it simple! Nothing complicated to this, just hard work and consistency.

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    Right on B thanx for the good tips bro! Ive been meaning to PM you on GB for some tips on drying out. I'll hit you up over there in a day or so. Need some advice on a few other things also.

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    Yes Poseing is king nothing worse than being on stage and getting tired. It could cost you the show pose pose pose getting in shape looking great and not showining it is such a waist

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    Hi BB

    am about to compete in my first Sept over in UK, BF category, would appreciate some tips with diet/training for the last 4 weeks.

    Have been on virtually low/no carbs day, a lot of contradictory advice out there, since I didn't eat junk to begin with.

    I looked at the diet article for women on the www, advanced, found it a little confusing, on the 'low' carb there is no carb in the form of complex then the advice is to do carb load in write up, then directly below, not to because it will make you look too full,

    I can send you a photo of how I'm doing

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