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Thread: Tanning products

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    Tanning products

    What tanning products do you find do the best for you? and how do you prepare yourself for tanning... .ie loofah... lotions... shaving...?

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    Jan Tana by far is the best [url=] - Sunless and Airbrush Tanning Specialist[/url]

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    Fomous Dave's Tanner is one of my faves for achieving and maintaining a fake tan.

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    Do not use any of the self rub on tans. I've used most, they all streak to some point and look bad, even the "streakless" ones do to. I've tried most of them.

    Tanning beds take too long especially if you are fair skinned and you cant try to do it to fast or you'll burn. Tanning beds are very drying and aging to the skin as well.

    The best is the spray tan.

    If you can find a place that does the hand spray, thats where a person with a spray gun sprays you personally. It works best and dont be embarrassed, they've seen all types and sizes. You can go in the buff or in bathing suit, whatever but if you do that you'll have tan lines.

    Next best choice is the mist tan. I think its called the Ultra Mist. You stand up in a mister and the machine sprays you all over. Some of the misters I've tried really blast you and its real cold and I didnt like it much at all, it kinda takes your breath away but ask the attendant if its the one that mists you lightly, thats the good one. It gives you an all over tan, lasts about a week or two, but follow the guidelines and instructions carefully. Its much healthier then being under those rays.
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