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Emery Miller

Emery Miller DOB: October 3, 1964
Height: 5’2.75
Competition Weight: 120lbs

Emery Miller did not grow up athletic at all; teeny and scrawny is how she describes herself, and to boot she had a heart murmur. Emery hated sweating and she was also a compulsive over eater; because of that as she got older, the teeny scrawny body was replaced by one that was now double in size; not a positive thing for a young girl. Because of her rapid weight gain, she would soon begin to suffer from bulimia and it would take 15 years for her to overcome that battle. Years later she would marry, still overweight and now married to a morbid obese husband, she knew they had to do something to save their lives; and that something turned out to be bodybuilding. Emery would begin her bodybuilding career and would meet it head on with success as well as a life changing attitude. So much so that in 2004, she would take 1st in the Middleweight class at the NPC Nationals and earn an IFBB pro card.

Competition History/Placement

2002 Border States Classic - NPC, Overall Winner 

2002 Border States Classic - NPC, Lightweight, 1st

2002 Tournament of Champions - NPC, Lightweight, 1st

2002 Tournament of Champions - NPC, Overall Winner
2003 California Championships - NPC, Middleweight, 1st

2003 Nationals - NPC, Lightweight, 12th

2003 USA Championships - NPC, Lightweight, 1st
2004 Nationals - NPC, Middleweight, 1st
2006 Atlantic City Pro - IFBB, 11th
2007 Atlantic City Pro - IFBB, Lightweight, 7th

2007 Europa Supershow - IFBB, Lightweight, 9th
2008 Atlantic City Pro - IFBB, 9th

Emery Miller http://emerymiller.com/