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Carla Salotti

Carla Salotti Height: 4’11”
Competition Weight: 105lbs


Carla Salotti grew up an active child participating in classical dance and cheerleading but it was in college when she started working out; at that time it was just to get into better shape. But as she trained and watched those around her that competed, Carla began to take notice. Soon after she would hit the stage herself, and in 2005 she earned her IFBB pro card at Nationals by taking 1st in the lightweight class.

Competition History/Placement
2000 Junior USA - NPC, Lightweight, 1st 

2000 Southern States - NPC, Lightweight, 3rd 

2000 Team Universe Championships - NPC, Lightweight, 3rd
2001 Team Universe Championships - NPC, Lightweight, 1st
2002 USA Championships - NPC, Lightweight, 9th
2004 Masters Nationals - NPC, Lightweight, 1st  

2004 Masters Nationals - NPC, Overall  

2004 North American Championships - IFBB, Lightweight, 1st
2005 Nationals - NPC, Lightweight, 1st
2006 Atlantic City Pro - IFBB, 15th
2007 Atlantic City Pro - IFBB, Lightweight, 6th 

2007 Kentucky Mucsle Pro Figure - IFBB, Figure, NP

2007 Sacramento Pro Championships - IFBB, Lightweight, 6th
2008 Atlantic City Pro - IFBB, 11th 

2008 Tampa Bay Pro - IFBB, 10th

Carla Salotti http://www.carlasalotti.com/