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Bonny Priest

Bonny Priest DOB: June 16, 1972
Height: 5'5 1/2"
Competition Weight: 160lbs
Years Training: 24 yrs

Bonny Priest fell in love with bodybuilding at a very early age. When she was a child, Bonny’s mother would buy her bodybuilding magazines; there are not to many 12 year old girls out there reading muscle mags; but it paid off for Bonny. For the next 10 years Bonny hit the gym, but she didn’t have any real understanding of what she was trying to do; that would change in 1996 when she met her husband. It was through Alan that Bonny realized her potential and from that moment on she hasn’t looked back. In 2003 Bonny Priest realized her dream of being a IFBB pro bodybuilder by earning her pro card at the 2003 NPC USA’s. Since turning pro and making her pro debut at the 2004 Arnold Classic, Bonny has competed in 9 IFBB shows, finishing in the top 10 every single time, including 2 overall victories at the 2005 Europa and the 2004 Southwest Pro.

Competition History/Placement

2007 IFBB Olympia 7th 

2007 IFBB Arnold Classic 8th
2006 IFBB Olympia 4th
2006 IFBB Arnold Classic 6th
2005 IFBB Olympia 6th
2005 IFBB Europa Super Show 1st
2004 IFBB Olympia 7th
2004 IFBB Southwest Pro 1st
2004 IFBB Arnold Classic 7th
2003 NPC USA’s 1st Heavyweight & Overall Pro card
2002 NPC Nationals 7th Heavyweight
2002 NPC SW USA 1st Heavyweight & Overall
1999 NPC Jr. Nationals 3rd
1998 Texas State Championships 1st Heavyweight & Overall
1997 Heart of Texas (novice) 1st heavyweight & Overall

Owns her own gym along with her husband Alan called The Fitness Zone
Bonny Priest http://www.bonnypriest.us/