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Betty Pariso

Betty Pariso DOB: 1956
Birth Place: Cynthiana, Kentucky
Competition Weight: 145-148 lbs

Betty "The Kid" Pariso grew up living the farm life and maintained a very athletic and healthy lifestyle from the start. One thing that kept Betty busy with physical activity was the fact that she grew up without a television.  Once she was older Betty got involved in the modeling profession and was the wife of a minister. It was during these years that she would first enter a gym, trying to add some weight to what she thought was a pretty small frame. After many years of training Betty decided to take a chance on the stage. In 1996 she would go on to win her pro card at the NPC Nationals. But there is something special about Betty’s achievement that is quite unique. In 1996 when she earned her pro card, Betty was 40 years old, and was the oldest women to earn an IFBB pro card. Since turning pro, Betty has quickly become one of the fan favorites. With her husband Ed Pariso, Betty now owns an industrial equipment and parts distribution company, as well as being he owner and promoter for the Southwest USA Health and Fitness Expo. Her resume also includes that she is the IFBB’s competitors rep for female competitors.

Competition History/Placement
1992 AAU Ms America - 2nd (MT)
1993 NPC Junior Nationals HW 13th
1994 NPC Junior Nationals MW 1st 

1994 NPC Mixed Pairs - 1st (with Winston Williams as a Partner)

1994 NPC USA Championships MW 4th 

1995 NPC USA Championships HW 3rd 

1996 NPC Nationals HW 1st 

1996 NPC USA Championships HW 3rd 

1997 IFBB Jan Tana Classic 15th 

1998 IFBB Arnold Classic  11th 

1998 IFBB Jan Tana Pro Classic 5th 

1999 IFBB Pro Extravaganza 4th 

1999 IFBB Arnold Classic  14th 

1999 IFBB Jan Tana Pro Classic 4th 

1999 IFBB World Pro Championships 5th 

2000 IFBB Arnold Classic  HW 6th 

2000 IFBB Jan Tana Pro Classic HW 2nd 

2001 IFBB Pro Extravaganza HW 3rd 

2001 IFBB Arnold Classic  HW 5th 

2001 IFBB Jan Tana Pro Classic HW 1st 

2001 IFBB Ms. Olympia HW 6th 

2002 IFBB Arnold Classic  HW 5th 

2002 IFBB Jan Tana Pro Classic HW 2nd 

2003 IFBB Arnold Classic  HW 2nd 

2003 IFBB Ms. Olympia HW 6th 

2004 IFBB Arnold Classic  HW 3rd 

2004 IFBB Night of Champions HW 2nd 

2004 IFBB Ms. Olympia HW 4th 

2004 IFBB Show of Strength Pro Championship HW 2nd 

2005 IFBB Charlotte Pro Championships HW 2nd 

2005 IFBB Arnold Classic  HW 3rd 

2005 IFBB Ms. Olympia 8th 

2006 IFBB Atlantic City Pro 5th 

2006 IFBB Arnold Classic  5th 

2006 IFBB Ms. Olympia 6th 

2007 IFBB Arnold Classic  5th 

2007 IFBB Ms. Olympia 6th 

2008 IFBB Arnold Classic  4th