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2008 Europa Super Show Men's Bodybuilding Results
August 16, 2008, Dallas, Texas

PlaceNameCountryRd 1+2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1Toney Freeman USA125623
2Dennis JamesGermany1810937
3Fouad AbiadCanada36181872
4Will HarrisUSA42231782
5Tarek ElsetouhiGermany46252596
6Darrem CharlesTrinidad583391
7Johnnie JacksonUSA7239111
7James 'Flex' LewisWales8031111
9Mark DugdaleUSA8647133
10Jaroslav HorvathSlovakia10650156
11Erik FankhouserUSA10666172
12George FarahUSA12263185
13Frederic SauvageFrance13461195
14Joel StubbsBahamas13660196
15Steve NamatHungary15069219
16Quincy TaylorUSA154154
17Ahmad AhmadSweden160160
17Khalid AlmohsinawiNetherlands 160160
17Jorge Jose Alves France 160160
17Marcus BechtGermany 160160
17Lyndon BelgraveBarbados 160160
17Lionel BrownUSA 160160
17Troy BrownUSA 160160
17Brian ChamberlainUSA 160160
17Fedel ClarkeCanada 160160
17Rodney DavisUSA 160160
17Omar DeckardUSA 160160
17Clarence DeVisFrance 160160
17Andy HamanUSA 160160
17Milton HollowayUSA 160160
17Michael KindredCzech 160160
17Juan Marquez USA160160
17Yildirim MehmetFrance 160160
17Cesar Mendible-BaptistaVenezuela 160160
17Evgeny MishinRussia 160160
17Jerry NicholsBarbados 160160
17JoJo NtiforoUSA 160160
17Gian Enrico PicaItaly 160160
17Heinz SeniorVenuezuela 160160
17Tommi ThorvildsenNorway 160160
17Bob WeatherallCanada160160

2007 Europa Super Show Men's Bodybuilding Results
August 11, 2007, Dallas, Texas

PlaceNameCountryRd 1+2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1Silvio SamuelSpain105520
2Will HarrisUSA20101040
3Bill WilmoreUSA30161561
4Quincy TaylorUSA40192079
5Omar DeckardUSA502825103
6Evgeny MishinUSA602989
7Francisco 'Paco' BautistaSpain7033103
8Joel StubbsBahamas7838116
9Ricky “Tricky” JacksonUSA9448142
10Guy DucasseUSA10052152
11Aiman FaourGermany11056166
12Marc JacobsUSA12463187
13Derik FarnsworthUSA13669205
13Michael KindredCzech13867205
14Mike ErgasUSA14668214
15Nathan WonsleyUSA1576232
16Jeffrey LongUSA158158
17Eryk BuiUSA160160
17Anthony FinocchiaroUSA160160
17Huntington GlanvilleEngland160160
17Roland HuffUSA160160
17Jerry NichollsBarbados160160
17Patrick RichardsonUSA160160
17Heinz SeniorVenezuela160160
17Simon VoyerCananda160160
DNFPablo ArevaloPeru

2006 Southwest Pro (Europa) Men's Bodybuilding Results
August 26, 2006, Arlington, Texas

1Toney FreemanUSA145524
2Quincy TaylorUSA26101046
3Johnnie JacksonUSA32151562
4Darrem CharlesTrinidad26191964
5Art AtwoodUSA48252598
6Silvio SamuelSpain663630132
7Dennis Wolf Germany74 43117
8Marcus Haley USA8040120
9George Farah USA8849137
10Joel Stubbs Bahamas9655151
11King Kamali USA11447161
12Rodney St. CloudUSA12254176
13Idrise Ward-El USA13068198
14Frank Roberson USA14063203
15Lyndon Belgrave Barbardos13671207
17Tricky Jackson USA 16080240
17Nathan Wonsley USA16080240
17Roland Huff USA16080240
17George Tumon USA16080240
16David Fisher USA15676232
17Shehab Eldin Netherlands16080240
DNFJoJo Ntiforo USA160

2005 Southwest Pro (Europa) Men's Bodybuilding Results
September 17, 2005, Dallas, Texas

1Branch WarrenUSA555520
2Johnnie JacksonUSA1010101040
3Quincy TaylorUSA1518171666
4David HenryUSA2225202188
5Mustafa MohammadJordan35242923111
6Ramon GonzzalezSpain22283888
7Pavol JablonickyCzech38313298
8Frank RobersonUSA343637107
9Hristov HristomirBulgaria455052147
10Arnold ScholzGermany505352155
11Miguel FilhoUSA575254163
12Joel StubbsBahamas675856181
13Lyndon BelgraveBarbados657158194
14Nasser El SonbatyYugoslavia706365198
15Luke WoodAustralia677366206
16Steve BurkeUSA8080160
16Jimmy CanyonUSA8080160
16Aima FaourGermany8080160
16Dennis FrancisEngland8080160
16Stan FrydrychUSA8080160
16Rod KetchensUSA8080160
16Jeff LongUSA8080160
16Lawrence MarshallTrinidad8080160
16Scott MilneCanada8080160
16Ntuk NtukNigeria8080160
16Eric OteroUSA8080160
16Edson PradoBrazil8080160
16Greg RandoUSA8080160

2002 Southwest Pro Men's Bodybuilding Results
May 4, 2002, Dallas, Texas

1Darrem CharlesUSA
2Bob CicherilloUSA
3George FarahUSA
4J.D. DawoduEngland
5Willie StallingsUSA
6Gustavo BadellPuerto Rico
7Craig TitusUSA
8Paul DillettUSA
9Tom PrinceUSA
10Melvin AnthonyUSA
11Bob WeatherallCanada
12Henderson ThorneCanada
13Jason MarcovicciCanada
14Mike MorrisUSA
15Paul BakerBahamas-Jamaica
16Tevita AholeleiUSA
16Valentin JabesFrance
16Kenny JonesUSA
16Berry KabovYugoslavia
16Charles KempUSA
16Rod KetchensUSA
16Christian LobaredeChile
16Juan MarquezUSA
16Nicholas ShilkoAustralia
16Yohnnie ShambourgerUSA
WdrwJohn ShermanUSA

Comments on the 2002 show, from various fans

Darrem Charles looked very good dry to the bone hardness, but semi soft look prior to hitting his shots. Bob Cicherillo loooked very good for a big guy, felt he was at 95%, legs still need to be harder. George Farah was hard, nice shape abs, a little bloated and flat, does the scar cause this look? I felt JD Dawodu and Willie Stalling looked harder. JD Dawodu looked very tight and dry, needs to show and hold glutes and hams on back shots, but a great job! Willie Stallings was by far the tightest guy in the show. Welcome back! New York fans, make sure you judge this guys harness and hardwork if he comes in on the money!!!

Gustavo Badell looked very good, a little boxy, a yellow tan? Use Protan next time. Craig Titus got a ton of call outs and looked 92%. Size looked good, but he needs to tighten mid section, and practice holding poses. He should should look good at the NOC! Paul Dillett, like him or not, for 2 yrs off, looked pretty good. He needs to just come in harder and show his back, and stay positve. Tom Prince, the Thing, was very big, but holding water in his abs and legs. I'm sure by the NOC, we will see him tighten up. Melvin Anthony looked good by himself, but needs to tighten up whole body. Not bad Melvin, but just come in tight.

Bob Weatherall looked pretty good. His upper body was a little flat, but he should fill out for the NOC. Henderson Thorne did the best he could with his body and age, hats off. In shape and hard, but just a little small. Jason Marcovicci looked very hard and should of placed higher, but his structure did look a little odd, swallow quad cuts, but there. Mike Morris looked at 90% just needs to come in tighter and bring the waist down, and put on a lot of size. Paul Baker was hard for a tall guy, but needs to be fuller on his upper body without losing hardness. Also, spit out the chweing gum out during judging!

The placing were very fair for the show. The judges went with the guys that came in 100% for their structures. Bob Cicherillo was the only big guy in the top five that I felt could get tighter. I was not a fan of Bob Cicherillo until the Southwest Pro, but he is making a ton of improvements.

From George Farah: First, I want to thank Getbig.com for mentioning my name in your previous updates etc. I really want to correct you on one thing though! I was the hardest one on stage, no one else and that is the only reason that I was tied for the second place with a big guy like Bob. Remember this is my first pro show and I only weighed 204 lbs compared to the rest of the guys who have 20 to 60 more lbs then me. I think I did pretty good and I do deserve a little respect rather then saying that my stomach was bloated and flat which I did not understand coming from some of the fans. I have just earned an Olympia qualification at my first pro debut and still no one is believing in me. That's sad and I hope that I can change their minds this coming October in Vegas. Peace your friend in Iron. George

From what I saw, J.D. Dawodu and Willie Stalling got screwed, but most definately, Darrem Charles was the winner, no doubt. Bob Cicherillo got a gift. I had Bob in 5th place. Bob was big but his thighs were not that cut, not like Willie Stallings. J.D. looked great, totally changed from other contests which I have seen him in. George was agressive, and pretty hard, Bob was a big guy, but still he was three weeks off. George was right on.

Melvin looked like a changed man. At leasy his personality was. He is a born again Christian, and Melvin was forgiving everyone. He even went and gave Craig Titus a big hug! He was 247 pounds, but very smooth and soft. I can't wait to see him at the NOC. Paul Dillett looked like he was in his first bodybuilding show. He did not know how to pose, nor hit a front double biceps. It's as almost as if he did not practice for the show. Instead of being out in front, where the judges can see him during prejudging, Paul was leaning up against the pole talking in the corner of the stage instead of being aggressive. It looked like he was hiding in the back.

Tom Prince was way off. His back was on, but he was shaking like a leaf on stage. He was squeezing too hard, did not looked relaxed on stage. Tom needs to get his midsection and stomach down on stage more. His belly button is staring at you, he should consider getting surgery to remove it. But there is three weeks left until the NOC for Tom to get it right! Hope Tom is better with the knee injury.

Craig was blown out, but he did not look too much different than from the Mr. Olympia. He looked heavier, but his color was off. His stomach distention is holding Craig back. He controls it when he poses, looks good when he hits the shots, but he forgets about it when he changes poses, and the judges see that. He needs to tighten up from the NOC, and concentrate on looking good all the time when he is on stage in front of the judges.

The word on the street is that Willie Stallings got robbed at the Southwest Pro. A lot of people had him in the top 3, if not winning the whole show, and I think a lot of the pro's that were at the show will back me up on this. Also, JD Dawodu should have been top 3 as well. As far as Bob Cicherillo, they said he should have been in either 5th place or out of the top 5. Let's see here, GNC is a major sponsor of the Mr. O, Chick is signed by GNC, thinks that make you go HMMM!!! From what they told me there was a lot of boo's in the audience when the placings were called. Not that this is anything new, but we all know who is usually right. I am not knocking Bob Cicherillo, but when 3 pro's tell me that Willie should have been up top, I kind of gotta believe them. Hopefully, things will be reversed at the NOC.

While it seems that IFBB awarded conditioning and balance over mass in the last couple shows and especially at the Southwest yesterday, don't be so fast on ruling out the importance of mass in the winning equation. I was not at the Southwest Pro, but this may have simply been a case where most of the mass monsters (like Tom Prince) just didn't come in looking hard, only big. Not only that, Bob Cicherillo is a big man, 6' tall and well over 230 lbs when he hops up on stage. I think this show indicates that OVERALL balance and hardness are once again just as important as size in the winning look. But, when the Mr. Olympia rolls around, a massive guy like Jay Cutler or smaller waisted Ronnie can be balanced, ripped with lots of size and that will still beat a smaller guy. I do think that a mass monster with bloated looking gut will no longer be considered in an IFBB line up and thank goodness for that.

Definitely. It's not size I'm against at all. Just size for the sake of size. Remember in Pumping Iron when Arnold talked about never just putting size on one bodypart but making sure everything stays balanced in the process? Well, it seems that that philosophy had been thrown out the window the last few years. What I'm hoping is that the judges have heard the voices of the fans through forums like this and are making an effort to bring proportion and aesthetics back into the sport.

I admit it. I didn't think either Farah or Chick would do any damage in the pro ranks this year. I thought Melvin would shine and that Tom Prince would emerge as a new star. The results of the Southwest shocked me. Until I see the pics, I can't comment further but I have to say I'm hoping that the results reflect a new trend in judging. Darrem and Farah are smaller (relatively speaking), more aesthetic guys and Bob Cicherillo, while not small, isn't a freak and can suck in his gut. Maybe a change is coming... If so this could be great news for guys like Ahmed Haidar at the O.

Don't be quick to conclude anything about judging standards yet. Most of the top name guys are just peaking for the Night of Champions (NOC), but I agree that it is interesting to see the judges place rookies higher than the veterans.

I love it! This is George Farah's first pro show, and he gave it his all. He wanted it badly! He did not wait to peak at the Night of Champions, he went for this show, and came in exactly on. Surprised everybody! Got his ticket to the Mr. Olympia! George gives us all inspiration, coming from almost dying to being able to compete in the greatest bodybuilding contest of the year. I have heard about George, but like others, discounted him, as I do most middleweight competitors. I won't doubt you again George. As for Bob Cicherillo, you talked the talk, and you walked the walk. With a hot girlfriend like Tiffany Remley, I can't imagine how you concentrated to peak at this show, but you did! Of course, we don't talk about Darrem Charles, who has been competing in the pros since 1992. I beleive this is his first IFBB pro win! Congrats! You most definately earned it! And Darrem, the best is yet to come! See you all at the Mr. Olympia.

I think Paul Dillett has a case of the Mike Tyson syndrome... you know, loosing everything you had and having to make a comeback when you dont really want to. Of course Paul is not going to earn millions, but if he gets back to where he was, he will make a good living... Flex has the same syndrome. In fact, a lot of BB's have suffered from that one, even Mr. O's (Samir Bannout).

Congratulations to Craig Titus, he did much better than most of us expected with a 7th place finish, thus fully realizing his potential. He also kept his promise to beat Dillet. What I really want to know is if these same judges are going over to judge the "O" and "NOC". If so, the big-gut facade is on its way out, and aesthetics are back. Also, congrats to Chicherillo for his second place finish. I knew his thick forearms would get him somewhere.

Finally, the judges are rewarding more aesthetic types! Looks like Darrem Charles wasn't kidding about 110 lb dumbell curls after all. All you star struck fans of Tom Prince thinking he'd win the Southwest Pro show. He came in what? NINTH! Blocky physique, don't tell me I didn't say so. And I don't want any imbecile shouting at me about Tom Prince being a great guy. I'm not talking about his personality. He might be the best dude out there, but when it comes to predicting his placing, better luck next time.

So let's see, fans complain that the mass monsters dominate the sport. Then, when someone with great aesthetics places higher than the mass monsters, the same fans complain that the guy placed high because of his sponsor? Bull! Bob Cicherillo has an awesome physique! He placed high because the judges decided that an X frame with a thirty inch waist was more desirable then someone with a bloated gut. Congrats to Bob, and congrats to George Farah. They both deserve this, and worked hard to get there!

Regarding Tom Prince: The dude has a busted up knee and gets up onstage anyway, probably knowing he couldn't look his best or even close. I don't know if you have ever had to deal with a torn miniscus before, but I have and it ain't fun, and I can guarantee it would hamper anyone's contest prep. And you speak of his blockiness as if he has no v-taper and a 36 inch waist. Tom Prince has some impressive lines like Dorian Yates if you ask me. But don't worry too much about Tom, he'll be back and better than before.

Congrats!! It took a while but it was surely well deserved. Hopefully this is the beginning of a string of wins!! Also a congrats to Chick!! What the hell happened to Titus, Dillet and Anthony??!!

Congrats to Darrem indeed. Dude has an awesome physique and its great to see him finally get his due rewards.

Regarding Tom Prince. I am sure we will see him get back into great form. A setback is just that, a setback and NOT the end of the world. Lets not forget that Tom Prince was injured. I am sure that he has had his fair share of setbacks and will not let this one disapoint him.

After seeing the judging at the Southwest Pro, the judges have got to go! Yes, they got the rigtful winner correct, as Darrem was the clear winner! But Willie got the royal shaft right along with JD in my opinion, as well as those seated around me! These judges you can bet, will resurface at the NOC and the Mr. O! They have go to go, it is plan and simple. Or switch judges for these other contests so it will be more fair. There are over 50 judges! Let's see different judges at the NOC and the Mr. Olympia now!

I am amazed that J.D. Dawodu did not place second! J.D. looked awesome, the best that I have ever seen him, and most of my friends also thought that too. I was one of the hundreds who booed quite loudly when the judges called J.D. 4th. Was I missing something? I am sure that the pictures will also show that the judges are not playing fair in this contest!

J.D. Dawodu should of been in the top three! He simply looked great. George Farah looked hard, but he was small, while J.D. just was huge. I fail to understand why J.D. was placed 4th while Bob Cicherillo placed 2nd. I had J.D. winning the show! Let's get it real judges.

Being there and reading the many posts over the last few days, i have to report what really went on at the Southwest Pro.

1. George Farah looked like a amateur standing there with pros, he claims to have been 204, in actuallity, he was between 180-185, too small, no calves, no hams, no ass, missing abs, and sloped shoulders. Many people were questioning why he was called out so early when he cleasrly did'nt belong in the top 7-8 places, was he hard and ripped, absolutly! but thats it. The only person that thought he was anything was Jim Rockell (head judge) who just happens to be from the same gym. Word buzzing around the expo is that is was so obvious that the IFBB is going to look into it further.

2. J.D. was screwed over BIGTIME. I overheard a conversation he had with another bodybuilder after the show, he's going to hang it up after placing behind George, Quote" if i can't beat a guy like that, I'm out of here, If i can place where i honestly think i should have, i would've been 2nd or third at worst,"

3.- Chic in 2nd place surprised the shit out of me more because i never realised he was that big. Personally, i would have had J.D. ahead of him but anyway you put them Darrem, J.d., and chic were definatly top three.Obviously working with chad Nichales put chic in the best condition i've seen him, at least in the pictures i've seen. He still needs to be harder to have a shot in NY.

4. Willie stalling looked awesome. very hard and sharp, has a funky shape which is why he did'nt place higher, but placing behind George was a complete slap in the face, as ther chorus of booing seemed to agree. Should do well at the NY.

5- Craig and TP both had the same thing wrong, stomachs and water. Craig is just a mess and has gotten worse as time has marched on, TP was holding too much water but still should have placed higher, I know he has a knee problem which i'm sure did'nt help.

6- Dillett was a joke, after all his trash talk, he came in small (for him) and smooth (for anyone). he will NOT be a factor in the NY.

7- Melvin has the best genetics for anyone there, but was smooth and way off, needs to come in 15 lbs. lighter.

Just my opinion, but at least i was there to see it first hand. The judging was so horrible that Wayne Dimillia was seen actually changing scores to try and correct the order. heres the way MOST people there had it:

Darrem Charles, Chic or J.D., Wilie Stalling, Gustavo Badell (was huge and cut), Tom Prince, Craig or George, Paul Dillett, Bob Weatherall, Melvin Anthony

The thing that surprised me the most was Stallings was never compared to Farrah, Darrem or J.D. They always compared him to guys that were 30 lbs+, I believe that if he was compared to Farrah and JD it would have been obvious his placing should have been higher. Also the fact that he has been out of action the past two years didn't help his placing.

From Dan Solomon, who maintains Darrem Charles web site: Some notes: Kim Chizevsky: Her transition to fitness is complete. She looks great, she’s well spoken. Finished 4th despite a severe knee injury. Craig Titus: A straight shooter. Titus tells it how it is. Not easy to find that quality in the iron-sport. Titus & King Kamali actually hugged each other after the seminar (or were they choking each other…hard to tell). King Kamali: He’s 300lbs and proud of it. At the Weider Athlete Seminar he predicted that he’ll win the next Arnold Classic! He was there to support his project Bob Cicherello. Bob finished 2nd. Shawn Ray: Has begun his transition from competitor to ambassador. A true legend. His crusade to improve the sport has just begun. The sport owes him a great deal. Stacy Hylton: This new Fitness star is on a mission. She qualified for the Olympia and plans to ride her routines straight to the top. George Farah: made his pro debut and was already trying to figure out the judging system and politics. He took 3rd, I guess he figured it out. J.D. Dawodu: This guy got SCREWED. A 2nd place physique was only rewarded with a 4th place trophy. Charles Kemp: One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. At nearly 40 he has his sites set on the Masters Olympia. Kelly Ryan: I had the privilege of seeing her routine from the 1st row. I was quite simply blown away…Fantastic! Darrem Charles: Does all of his talking on stage…a class act.

From Dan Solomon, who maintains Darrem Charles web site: Darrem Charles earned his first career IFBB professional victory at the inaugural Southwest Pro Cup held in Arlington Texas. Darrem walked on stage and immediately captured the attention of the judging panel as he displayed a balanced physique that lacked any significant weaknesses. He was quite simply in the best shape of his life. At first glance, it appeared that his only real competition would come from J.D. Dawodu, who showed significant improvements. J.D. was given the center position in the first callout and it would appeared that the show be a two man battle between Darrem and J.D.. The crowd was shocked in the evening show when J.D. was given the 4th place trophy. Many of the bigger names failed to make an impact. Craig Titus, Melvin Anthony, Paul Dillett and Tom Prince all failed to place among the top 5. One of the surprises was the pro debut of George Farah who finished 3rd and earned an invitation to the Olympia. Bob Cicherillo finished (a controversial) second. The victory earned Darrem a cool $10,000 along with his 4th career Olympia qualification. Darrem proved once and for all that nice guys can finish first. Darrem will take the stage again in 2 weeks at The Night of Champions in New York City. I asked Darrem what we should expect from him at the N.O.C. He simply said “You haven’t seen anything yet”.