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    alot of us are members of different boards and i say we all make a post on them refering people to this board. obviously you cant just tell people to come or you'll be banned there but if you copy and paste brian's message from ar that should work. i posted it on vip, ofsbb and a few other boards and i have a few female members and a ton of male members that are waiting for the board to become fully operational so they can join and hopefully compete. thanks and since brian is the one who has given us the greatest steroid site (ar) free of charge i say we all try to help him the best that we can instead of just sitting back hoping people will join. thank you

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    You roped me in

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    I was going to post over at Meso but man that place is a ghost town these days. Haven't been there in years, but man I saw tumble weeds going by. It was a great place too.

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