Hello everyone. First off let me give you a little background on my situation. I completed a 16 week cut style program and dropped my body fat down to under 3%. Since then I have started a muscle building program and I have been working with a nutritionist trying to gain some size and weight. I workout 6 days a week and eat 4000 calories a day. I am currently taking 2 Syntha-6 shakes, Mega-Man Sport (multi-vitamin), N0-Xplode, Creatine, True-Mass, and Cell-Mass daily. I have been on this regiment for the past month.

I am still having issues gaining weight and size. I have a true ectomorph body type but I still dont think that it should be this hard to gain weight. My diet is very clean. Chicken, turkey and eggs mostly with whole grains, lots of fruits, and veg to make up the rest of my intake. I really dont want to gain much fat while I gain size.

I have stopped doing cardio over the past 2 weeks because I was still breaking even every day. While I know that I have gain strength through my workouts, I am not seeing any real size increases that I was hoping for after a month of hardcore workouts and eating.

So if anyone has any suggestions, ideas, or has been through this please help me out. I am currently 5'6 135 lbs. I gained about 7 pounds over the last month.