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Thread: Hey guys

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    Hey guys

    Hey guys and gals, i'm new, obviously!

    I got a question, i'm 25... firstly is that too old to start bodybuilding? is it harder now i'm older?,

    plus a question about roids, are there any stable ones for beginners, i don't really know a lot and websites confuse we with conflicting views...I want to gain strength, muscle and weight.?

    any help would be very appreciated.


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    deltona florida

    Lightbulb i dont think so

    i dont really know. youre never to old to be i shape. im only 18 so i have a good headstart. now bout the roids, im never doing them, gonna be Xphedrine rfx and cell tech hardcore and intravol. hats it. no roids. way to many side effects come from steroids.

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    so whats Xphedrine rfx and cell tech hardcore and intravol?

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