Well back in '08 I took 4th at Texas State Championships and 2nd at Lackland. Taking off all of '09 and working with a new trainer and really focusing on bringing my back up and overall size. Normally compete in Heavyweight, but putting all my chips in on 2010 Texas State Championships this time. Skipping heavyweight and looking to compete in Super Heavyweight. So far sitting at 260 and steadily adding on mass. Goal is to hit even 300 before I begin show prep. I tell ya, I used to love to eat, but cramming in the calories my trainer is making me eat....I'm so sick of food. LOL We'll se if this all pays off, but taking this year off has been nice. Just focusing on getting my food in and hitting the weights. My trainer takes all the guess work out for me, writes up my meals each week and also calculates the weight I should be hitting for each set, each exercise. So I can just relax and lift. My girl hates it because she does all my cooking and it's becoming damn near a full time job. LOL