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    My trainer told me to do a diet called "The Scarsdale Diet". Is this a good diet? Im not a person who does diets but tries to follow a clean eating lifestyle like the one that Tosca Reno talks about. I have told this to my trainer but he insist that i will lose a quick 15 lbs in 2 weeks. I realy want to lose the weight but i want to keep it off. My goal is to do figure competition but Im just a beginner and 31. I have lost lost weight slowly but have kept it off doing the eating clean lifestyle. Also, I did try the diet but I was starving. CAN ANYONE GIVE ME ANY INFO ON THIS?? ANY SUGGESTION.


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    I have looked over that diet and from what I can tell it is bullshit. stay on track with the eating clean no trainer should push a diet. Now a trainer can make suggestions about nutrition and food choices such as you need to stay away from the bag of chips every night.

    I'm not sure what your diet is or how much Kcals you take in per-day and your protein, carb and fats ratios so going with that I cannot say much.

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