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Thread: i need help to lose weight

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    i need help to lose weight

    hi im 29 i weigh 390lbs and i am 6ft tall i need to lose it can any of u give me suggestions on how to do that i want to lose as much as i can in 4 months before my 30th bday i heard about cardispam wats up with that does it work please help me out ive tryed almost everything thanks

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    Hi gordis,
    You will find plenty of useful tips on net on how to reduce weight but these are the tips I followed and lose my weight.
    Drink 10 glass of water daily,
    Divide your meals in 6 small meals instead of taking 3 heavy meals,
    Use fresh fruits and vegetables,
    Avoid dairy products,
    Avoid soda and diet drinks, stick to water melon and grape fruit,
    Start some exercise,
    Don't cheat with yourself.

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