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Thread: Irene Andersen accused of steroid possession and resale by police?

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    Thumbs down Irene Andersen accused of steroid possession and resale by police?

    Unfortunately, Swedish police are accusing 42-year old IFBB pro bodybuilder Irene Andersen of possession of anabolic steroids with the intent to resale and distribute. Police allegedly seized steroids valued at less than USD $4,000 (30,000 Swedish kronor) and suspect that Andersen sold steroids to other individuals. The pro bodybuilder, gym owner and mother of three young children, strongly disputes this accusation and maintains that they were for personal use only.

    [url=]IFBB Pro Bodybuilders Martin Kjellström and Irene Andersen Interrogated in Swedish Steroid Investigation | MESO-Rx Steroid Blog[/url]

    Will the IFBB ask her to take a "time out" from attending IFBB pro shows in the US?

    Other american and canadian athletes have complained.

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    It is unfortunate but 4000 $ worth is easy to stick someone with distribution.

    It is a shitty day. Im sure that she is upstanding aswell as a Great mother of her 3 children.

    Heartbreaking news.

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