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Thread: HGH help

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    HGH help

    Hi, I have been working out for about 6 months, and although I’m quite happy with my development I have read a lot about the benefits of HGH. I wondered if anyone could give me some info about their experiences with it and which are the best brands to buy?

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    I live in Colorado.
    With only 6 months of training under your are FAR FROM needing HGH. I've been training 30 years and still haven't used it. Get a few years to reach your "Natural" potential FIRST.
    "You train your way.....I'll train the right way"

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    yea hgh shouldnt even be considered yet.

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    ^^^agreed. you need to work on your diet and workout program 1st. perfect them then after you reach your max. platue you can consider moving on to something that can help you get over that hurdle

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