Do you know the difference between liquid and raw egg whites? The human body cannot completely and safely digest a raw egg white so if you like to do the “Rocky Routine” with a raw egg in your drink, you are wasting your time, not to mention the threat of Salmonella. In addition, Avidin, an enzyme found in raw egg whites, blocks the uptake of Vitamin B6 (Biotin) causing an unhealthy vitamin deficiency.

To avoid these two potentially dangerous problems, you must cook the egg white to eliminate the threat of Salmonella and to neutralize the Avidin in order to allow your body to safely digest the protein. However, When you cook an egg white to the point of scrambled eggs, 150 degrees or more, you begin to destroy the true value of the protein thus making it less effective.

Today you can find 100% pure liquid, low heat pasteurized . The pasteurization process cooks the egg whites at 134 degrees for 3 1/2 minutes. This proper temperature kills any salmonella (if present) and neutralizes the Avidin enzyme without damaging the protein which allows the egg whites to be digested safely by the human body.

So the liquid egg whites are “liquid” but not “raw” making them the purest and most versatile form of protein, known to man. They are odorless, tasteless, and mix easily into all your favorite shakes, drinks, or foods without cooking and are 100% Bio-Available