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Thread: Bulking Up Advice

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    Bulking Up Advice

    Hey everyone! I am a new member and I have a few questions about gaining muscle/mass within the next few months. I have a lot of free time this summer and I wanted to use it as an oppertunity to bulk up before my second year in college starts. I just wanted to confirm I am doing things correctly to achieve my goal. I am curious what routine would be best for me since I just started taking Cell Mass (two scoops per day) along with Syntha-6 protein powder (2 scoops after lifting). I have been currently following a 5-3-1 workout routine that I got from Men's Fitness:

    [url=]Workout Routines - Men's Fitness[/url]

    In this routine, I have been lifting every other day and have been riding my bike for cardio on Tuesday and Thursday. For example, Monday-Workout A, Wednesday-Workout B, Friday-Workout C, Sunday-Workout D. For those that are not familiar with this routine, the 5-3-1 routine only applys to the main exercise for that workout day. After each cycle through the 4 workouts you are suppose to change the percentage of your 1 RM for your main lift along with the number of reps and sets. For example, the second cycle may be 3 reps at 70%, 3 reps at 80% and 3 reps at 90%. And the third would be 5 reps at 70%, 3 reps at 80% and 1 rep at 90%. Usuall the last cycle (the 4th) is easy. After 4 cycles, you test for new max's and start the 4 cycles over.

    Does anything think I should continue with the 5-3-1 routine or should I be lifting everyday (different muslce groups) to get maximum results? I was not sure if working out every other day while taking Cell Mass everyday would be to my benefit. If I need to workout everyday should I follow a routine like the Intermediate Male Training Program? Also, what about my diet? Should I follow something like the Beginner Male Diet Program?



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    Look at the training and nutritional programs here at They will give you a good idea on how to eat and train for size. Just look in the top menu bar.

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    I will definitely take a look at that. I appreciate your help.

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