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Thread: Dave Palumbo Dieting tips

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    Dave Palumbo Dieting tips

    Be sure to check out the Dave Palumbo series in the video section on dieting, supplementation and the proper way to maximize nutrient intake.

    Part 1 & 2 of the series is up now, you can click on the video's from the main home page or go to the HD Video section in the top menu bar.

    Great information in these video's and he really makes a lot of things make sense.

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    Very convincing.. hmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by |Krys|Kitchen| View Post
    Very convincing.. hmm
    What are you trying to implie with your sarcasm? You disagree with what was said? If so, why?

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    i watched those videos,
    he is a genius! so knowledgeable, recommend watching regardless of your experience.

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