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Thread: The Best Diet Treat Ever Made For Real

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    Talking The Best Diet Treat Ever Made For Real

    I just tried one of Alli's Slim Pickins muffins this weekend. It tasted like i bought it from Starbucks counter of treats. It was delicious. It had 16 grams of protein like a chicken breast but 100,000 times as good. 1 muffin filled me up for 2 hours and i weigh 254 lbs.

    Do yourself a favor try these once and you will love them
    [url=] : Alli's Slim Pickins... Protein-Packed Baked Goods : 100% Taste / 0% Guilt![/url]

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    all you have to say is treat im in lol

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    chicken breast has double that, and we're talking about 3 1/2 oz of it, not even the full breast lol

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