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Thread: Steve Namat 2009 - Destination Las Vegas

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    Steve Namat 2009 - Destination Las Vegas

    Hi Everybody!

    I just started my preparation for my next contest season. My plan is to do the Dexter Jackson Classic and the Tampa Pro in August. I'll compete in the under 202 class. Last year I was 198 lbs but this year I have to be even more shredded especially at the glute-hams area. In 2008 I just missed the 202 Showdown qualification in Tampa, I placed 6th. This year I want to be in Vegas finally. So I'll do everything I can to achieve this goal!

    I just took a break for 2 weeks. I didn't train at all, I almost didn't eat anything...I just rested and I didn't care with anything... Well, it was great! Cheesy

    But on April 10th I returned to the gym...I have 16 weeks until the Jacksonville Pro (Dexter Jackson Classic) I'll pump up the volume soon.

    Interestingly I just lost 3.5 pounds during the 2 week break. Of course I'm not look good, but this is why I have motivation to reach my best ever form in August.

    Anyway, here're some pics to see how I started the 16 week preparation...

    16 weeks out - 228 lbs

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