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Shoulders....what are some exercise variations you guys are doing? any tricks?

This is my basic workout:

4 sets millitary press (10-12 reps)
4 sets seated laterial raises (12-15 reps) at times I'll do drop sets of this one
4 sets front raises (10 reps)
4 bend over rear flys (15 reps)
shrugs - depends how I feel (mostly I go heavy on these)

Can everyone post what they do for shoulders and what seems to work best for you.
I do a similar routine. I switch my military press from behind the head and in front from time to time. My lateral raises I only do 3 heavy sets of 8-10 but I switch from standing to leaning from time to time too. bent flyes are swapped as well with reverse flyes. I do shrugs sometimes with barbell and sometimes with Dumbells. At times I'll do both. I need to buy new straps I lost one of them and I can't grip as much weight.