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Thread: Best memory

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    My best memory was when i matched my fathers 405lb bench. I went 1st and got it once. He went and did it twice! He's since had a cap put on his shoulder so now i beat him every week lol - oh and i'd like to nominate meeting ronnie coleman and getting a picture w/ him and my father as my 2nd favorite memory.

    Worst memory..... ah jeez..... i'd hafta say when i was doing cleans (powerlifting) in highschool and my friend farted. Had to breath that in durring my set..... not cool. He cleared the whole weight room LMAO!


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    Best memory? everytime I lift it's a best memory for me....

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    Quote Originally Posted by PT View Post
    i did something like this when i was 19 trying to show off for a girl at the gym. she made a commont about not being able to belive how much i can lift so of course i had to go heavier knowing she was watching. anyway i was struggling getting it up when my left arm got really weak and i tilted. the weights slid off on the left side then the bar flew to the right and all the weights fell off that side. i felt like a freaking idiot for the next month at the gym
    HaHa, I did the same thing when I was 18. Was benching 225 on incline, repped twice OK, went for three and couldn't get it, bar came down to my chest, everybody was on the other side of the gym, so I tilted it over and the same thing happened, made a hell of a noise!

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