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    weight gainers

    just wanted to hear some views on this. i have sci-fit extreme mass which i belive has 900 calories, 55g whey along with a low fat and sugar content. i dont have time to get my 4500-5000 calories a day while bulking with school and 2 shakes a day would really help me. is it a good thing or bad?

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    If your a force feeder, or you just dont have time to eat, a shake can be your best friend. I kind of like the idea of making my own gainers with good quality protein rather than using weight gainers, because they still have lots of sugar in them. Blend a cup of oats until it turns to flower, two scoops of your favorite quality whey protein, scoop of natty peanut butter, and whalah you have a good gainer that is cheaper, and you know and can control the sugar and fat content. You don't have to make it exactly like this, you can tweak it to suit your needs. You can even add some greens and get your veggies in while you drink your shake!

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