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Thread: 2008 IFBB Tampa Pro

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    2008 IFBB Tampa Pro

    IFBB Tampa Pro Championships & NPC Fitness & Figure Extravaganza August 8-9

    *List will be broken down into class as it is released.

    Fouad Abiad
    Khalid Almohsinawi
    Jorge Jose Alves
    Irene Andersen
    Pablo Arevalo
    Paul Baker
    Nicole Ball
    Markus Brecht
    Omar Borrelli
    Debbie Bramwell
    Elvis Brown
    Myriam Bustamante
    Giusy Caputo
    Raul Carrasco
    Marcos Chacon
    Darrem Charles
    Fedel Clarke
    Clarence DeVis
    Beverly Direnzo
    Charles Dixon
    Guy Ducasse
    Mark Dugdale
    Tarek Elsetouhi
    Derik Farnsworth
    Vonne Francis
    Toney Freeman
    Aurelia Grozajova
    James Hampton
    David Henry
    Jaroslav Horvath
    Roland Huff
    Richard "Tricky" Jackson
    Dennis James
    Salaks Jan
    Ken Jones
    Klaudia Larson
    James "Flex" Lewis
    Vincent Liu
    Jeff Long
    Daron Lytle
    Wendy McCready
    Yildirim Mehmet
    Liz Meza
    Emery Miller
    Evgeny Mishin
    Tonia Moore
    Steve Namat
    Jerry Nicholls
    Bola Ojex
    Claudia Partenza
    Kim Perez
    Nicole Pfuetzenreuter
    Majie Carlos Rabiei
    Annie Rivieccio
    Carla Salotti
    Frederic Sauvage
    Daniele Seccarecci
    Roc Shabazz
    Jana Linke-Sippl
    Quincy Taylor
    Mike Valentino
    Nate Wonsley
    Hidetada Yamagishi
    Fadi Zaazaa

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    Hi Guys!

    New German Pro is on the way to give his debut in the states! He`ll start in Tampa and his Name is Markus Becht. Here are some pics for you!
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    It's gonna be a great show. Tim Gardner has done alot of work to put it together, so best of luck to him with everything!!

    My trainer Carla Salotti is scheduled to compete. I am seeing her tomorrow!

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    Here are some Pics of Markus from last Saturday! Ready to Rock!!!
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