Just finished Phase 1 of the 'Beginners Beginner' Male workout and feel great. I had a knee replacement in 2008 and have to watch what I do but right now I feel awesome. I started a regime in 2009 with a trainer. She wasn't very effective though and I started doing a cardio workout to lose weight and get used to working out. It worked, I lost 25 lbs and felt good but something was missing. Then on a trip back from Amsterdam I was fortunate to sit across the aisle from someone who had one of your shirts on that showed this website. I looked it over and thought I'd try it out. It took a while but now I'm hooked. It took to long in life for me to realize how much fun looking good and feeling good can be. Now I have to fight 40+ years of not eating right, not working out and doing the right things. I won't look like the guys on the main page but I'll look and feel better.

Starting Phase 2 of the Beginners Workout today. Wish me luck!