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Thread: Excessive water retention?

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    Excessive water retention?

    Could someone give me some information and or advice on water retention on my lower part of my legs? And what would be t he best way to get rid of it…

    I did go off my diet for about 4-6 days nothing major still pretty clean.
    Don’t know if slightest salt increase may be the problem.

    Any help is much appreciated..
    Go hard or Go Home!

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    How long have you been on the diet?

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    Take an anti-estrogen that will help with water retention.
    Take a diruretic like mhp expel.
    Are you doing a show?
    Also if you are cutting carbs when you add them back in it will pull water from the skin.
    Give me more details of what your trying to do. Are you close to a show and need to dry out?

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    If you dont want to have to take anything strong, what works for me is about 7-10 days of supplementation with dandelion root (3 in the am, 3 in the pm, and you can add three more at lunch after the first few days if you feel like you need to), combined with HIGH water intake and moderate/high salt intake. This works really well.

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    I agree with Rip it up Baby. Alot of companies now putting out strong over the counter diuretics Muscletech is even releasing one this year.

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    how is your water intake? increase water, decrease any sodium, that should also help flush you out .

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    title of the thread just reminds me of what happened after my attempted contest prep last year......failed.....gained 25 pounds in 3 days and almost had to go to the hospital...had pitting edema for a week and a half

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    just cut out the sodium and up your water in take a little.

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    what are some good anti estrogens?

    can you take supplements like MHP Expel (dieritic)year round...(since its natural)...?

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