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Thread: Arnold Classic Whos Going To Win? Pic of Victor!

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    Talking Arnold Classic Whos Going To Win? Pic of Victor!

    I work with a lot of Pro's. I talked to Toney Freeman who looked great at the O and said he'll look better. He said he dieted all the way through the holidays he is serious. Haven't seen any pics lately though.

    Also I talk to Steve Weinberger all the Time he said Victor looks insane.
    Steve posted some pics up at [url=]BEVFRANCIS.COM[/url]

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    he is looking great in that pic. arms and forearms are thick and solid as hell

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    You know that Victor is going to come in totally ready. I just have a good feeling about Freeman, though. Badell may surprise some folks, as well.
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    Don't Forget

    Kai Greene and Branch Warren this years Arnold will be interesting

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    My money is on Victor and Toney. I saw some pics of Toney five days out and he looks his best ever. Insane conditioning!

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