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Thread: Tryin to get ripped need advice

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    Exclamation Tryin to get ripped need advice

    Whats up so im at a hault i run everyday i do 12 10 8 6 4 repititions when i workout and do nearly 200 crunches every workout and my body still wont get the way i want it to.. RIpped. Everyone keeps tellin me i need to add somethin to my workout but proItein shakes just make me feel bloated. I weigh a steady 160 and want to get ripped, Any advice?

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    Too much info to release, sorry.


    Well my guess is your body is getting used to it, this may be the plateu effect.
    MY only suggestion is to change your excersice for muscle confusion. If you want to get ripped you should always use protein. Get some water and dump a scoop of protein in there and chug it so your muscles have something to run on.
    Do other cardio excersices such as... punching a bag for 30 seconds really fast then convert it to one minute with heavy punches. This work out is for mainly shoulders and abdominals.. depending how you punch it works triceps and biceps too.
    Just confuse your muscles dude, dont do the same work out EVERYDAY. Dring quick protein drinks and it should help.
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