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Thread: Old Farts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spywizard View Post
    Yep, So in actuality, as i get older and older, i am considering entering into local contests.

    The competition that i currently see are smaller than i, however cut to about 7%..

    legs under developed..

    In 2 years i will be 50 yrs old, and i think i could dominate for some time to come..

    Well I personally don't qualify as an old fart as i'm 24 but my father is 47 and he is getting serious about competing. Right now he's 5'8 1/2 - 215lbs at about 10-11% bf.....

    He just started a 3 month plan and diet to cut down and see what his body responds to. I think this year is a test/trial period for him and he'll compete next year. He's overcome a TON of injuries..... 3 abdominal surgeries, rotator cuff repair, and a "capping" of the shoulder (almost a bipolar shoulder for bone on bone) - he's motivated more than ever to compete but he's a little worried about the scarring on his stomach - his abs aren't "perfect" anymore because of it.....

    You guys are all motivation for us young guys! I hope when I'm in my 40's and 50's i'll look as good as all of you!


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    Spywizard, don't put off something that you could do now. Set a goal and go for it! You just need to get your feet wet. You will find once you do one competition you will get hooked.

    The nice thing about competing in masters is that we can also compete in open divisions as well.

    They say as we get older we get better! I know a couple of guys at my gym who competed at least 17 years ago. They both started back last year. One was in the masters while the other competed in grandmasters. The guy who competed in masters is my training partner. Originally he only wanted to compete in masters but then a week before his show he decided to compete in an open class as well. He won his open class and placed 2nd in masters. His next show he won both his classes! He only wanted to do one show but now he is shooting for nationals!

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    So did you ever compete or have you set a date yet? I say Go For It! I'm 46 and still competing.

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    i am 44 years old. i have done two local bodybuilding shows and two deadlift competitions. getting ready for my first bench press competition in 3 months.

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