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    Question on Chest

    I've seen some pics of Arnold when he was really young (age:20), and in some of the pics/vids of him (age 20) the very bottom of his chest looks slightly thicker then compared to some pics/vids of him in his prime (age:27/28). Almost as if while his whole chest was growing, the very bottom started to appear as though it got thinner.

    My question is, AS YOUR VERY LOWER CHEST GROWS would it EVER start to physically get thinner? I don't mean atrophy, or "grow thinner". I mean as the muscle grows so big it droops slightly b/c of gravity. Well as it grows, it slides down slightly, again b/c gravity, and basically it looks like the chest gets longer. As it starts to droop more, would the bottom start to get thinner, even though the fibers still grew bigger?...For example, Ronnie Coleman (back in his prime)... if his chest were to keep growing... as it drooped down more, grant it slightly, would the bottom get thinner? OR would the bottom continue to get thicker and look like it gets thicker?

    Here's a pic I made to help illustrate:
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