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Thread: Hello all members

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    Hello all members

    Hello to all the members allready here,look like its going to be a nice forum.

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    welcome bro, good to have you here. stick around and watch the board grow

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    I am new!

    Hey there,

    Looks like a good forum there is so much advertising on it though! I am a new bodybuilder but have made really good results so far. Any tips any one can give me aside taking protein and training cos I've got that down! The whey protein I take is really effective from LA Muscle what do you guys take?

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    Newbie here,

    Hello all buddies here at the forum, Me joining newly and find this forum very helpful and nice one discussion's found inside the threads.... I hope that many teenager's and new one to body building got much better one help and advices from this forum.....

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