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mass cycle time
Posted August 25, 2009 by StevenH

hello all...i am new here...i think to start new mass cycle and i need some help..i am not newbie...already did over 10 cycles..i am 210lbs now..but want to be 240lbs and then cut it on 220...

i got some gear...i got:

2 x 10ml decabolic asia pharma 200mg/ml

2 x 10ml cypiobolic asia pharma 200mg/ml

also got 2 boxes arimdiex, 3 x 5000iu hcg ...also 40 tabs clomids

how its best to take it guys?

thanks for help


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Making it happen in 2009
Posted March 11, 2009 by oregonpanthers

Ok so here we go with blog entry number one! I just came across this site after being told about it from a close friend of mine. I looked around and like what I saw so here I am starting my profile, a blog and what ever else I can get going on this interesting site. I look forward to meeting many of you members and learning from you as well as helping others as best I can. Its just amazing to see networking community sites like this being created for those of us living the lifestyle that we all choose to be a part of!

I just now am getting settled back into reality after an amazing 4 days in Columbus Ohio at the Arnold Classic. The weekend was one to remember! This was my 4th straight year in attendance at this event and as normal, it was bigger and better then ever! The expo awsome, the celebs, awsome, the freebies plentifull, the women, hot, the guys jacked and the shows were top notch. To add on to that we even saw UFC 96 on PPV on the outskirts of Columbus as well! What a time we had! I went down with 7 other guys from my college so that made it all the more enjoyable, more so since we all compete in some form of weightlifting and actually follow the sport pretty close.

As you can see in my profile I am a 24 year old graduate student who is in my final semester. I did my BS at UW-Milwaukee in Kinesiology and a minor in sports nutrition. I have my NSCA CPT and CSCS as well as my certification as a fitness nutritionist through NESTA. Currently I work as a intern strength and conditioning coach for UW-Madison, but recall I am enrolled at UW-La Crosse. I also own my own online LLC as a fitness consultant and preparation coach. I have been doing that for just over a year now. I am eager to start working a real job this summer when I fish my MS degree!

I have done 3 contest in the INBF since fall of 2003, my last was April 2006 in Fox Cities WI where I got 7th out of 10 guys in the lightheavyweight class.

I worked as a graduate assistant for the past year at UW-La Crosse where I assisted in the program development for the schools wrestling teams and gymnastics teams. Both of which just won WIAC titles for the 13 and 16th year in a row respectively!

Now that I have more free time away from school I am making this year my come back year to put on the size and muscle I needed back in 2006. I was 188lbs in mid Dec last year. I am now 210lbs and still under 13% bodyfat so progress is being made! I have never been this strong before in my life either!

Things are going very well so far and I plan to see things going this way for the rest of the year.

I also have 7 clients doing shows this April or May in Wisconsin via the INBF or NPC. I will then have 3 women doing shows in July this summer as well. That being said it will be a busy year for me be it on stage or in the corner of my clients so will see how that goes!

Well gang thats all for you today, I will do my best to post on my blog daily so you can follow along with my lifes events, training, ups and downs, progressions and obstacles.

Lift hard, lift heavy, or go home!